How To Be The Change You Want To See In This World

Do you want to bring a change in this world? You probably answered in affirmative and if you didn’t, then you must belong to another world but let’s just assume that you said yes, so, what now? What should you do to bring the change? You must have heard that insanely popular saying, ‘Be the … [Read more…]

Happy Independence Day!! 😊😊

14th August 2015 It was 10:30 p.m. in the night. I was ready to dive into the world of my dreams, so I put on the song with a timer, ‘Ae Mere Vatan Ke Logo’ (as a customary formality owing to the Independence Day tomorrow), and closed my eyes to a peaceful sleep.  Source: … [Read more…]


“I need to go for grocery shopping.” “No, you don’t. Hand me on the list.” “It’s just around the corner! I’ll be back even before you know!” “Did you not hear me correctly? I said no. No arguments.” “Why don’t you let me step out? It’s been 10 months and I haven’t even seen the … [Read more…]