BNLF: A Blissful Rendezvous!

I never really thought I’d attend a blogger’s meet because of the geographical constraints, but here I am, writing about a meet that took place in Mumbai, a good 1000 km’s away from my homeland. Yes, I traveled all the way to Mumbai just for attending an event, but calling it just another event would … [Read more…]

Time to challenge your luck – LUCKY 6 by Fat Cat.

…and the lucky number is… Almost all of us have held our breath to listen to such a number, be it lotto, tumbola (housie) or Poker, in one or the other forms. Lottery in India has a severely addicted crowd and that brought the makers of Fat Cat app in India to. launch their new lottery-based game – LUCKY 6! Image source – Let me introduce you to the future of lottery in India, #Lucky6 by Fat Cat App. Lucky 6: Combining the fun of games with life changing prizes   Whenever we have a spare minute or two, our fingers start tapping the screen of our smart phones. We start playing or socializing and what not, but… What if those two minutes of   mobile tapping can get you real time cash, luxury holidays and many other exciting life-changing prizes?  Lucky 6 by Fat Cat is the game that has the potential to revolutionize the Lottery in India. The game is easy to play and understand.  All you have to do goes like this – l Register on the app. Provide email address, nickname, referrer’s name (if any) and a pass code. l Every time you want to use the app, you’ll have to enter the pass code. For safety! l The main screen provides options to open two games : Lucky 6 and Quiz App. Click on Lucky 6. l The next window that opens provides a list of brands arranged alphabetically, from  which you have to choose any 6 (Totally  your choice) and make a ticket. l You can make a maximum of 3 tickets for every game, before the game starts. l On clicking at the brands, you are taken to a window which shows the exclusive rankings of the brand in the past games. l The game starts and the brands get their ranks on the basis of their share prices on the Japanese stock exchange.  l The game continues for a span of 24 hours and all you’ve got to do is checking your scoreboard.  l At the end of the game, the top six brands of the day are listed and if the ticket you made has all or most of the brands listed in the top six list, you win jackpot! l Cherry on the cake – The Referral System. Refer the game to your friends and double your chances of winning which means, if … [Read more…]

God is a Gamer – Is revenge a crime?

Book Review – God is a Gamer ~ Is revenge a crime?  Author: Ravi Subramanian Publisher: Penguin Books India
Price: Rs. 299/-
Genre: Thriller     Rating: 3/5 ISBN- 9780143421399 I came home from a hard day of training to see a package on my study table. The label said, ‘’, and that made my day. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving … [Read more…]

Chapter 21 – Wait.. Think and Serve!

Kalakar Colony  Circle of Deceit  Wildcard Entry You can read the previous chapter here. Chapter 21 – Wait.. Think and Serve!  I should hurry… This traffic always kills the schedule, why can’t I fly! I should have accepted the jet dad offered on my last birthday, but Shekhar’s ego… Arrrgh… “Arre jaldi chalo na bhaiya! … [Read more…]

Chapter 19 – A stranger or a Know-it-All?

Kalakar Colony Circle of Deceit Round 2 You can read the previous chapter here. Chapter 19 – A stranger or a Know-it-All?  Jennifer read the welcome board. It said, ‘Welcome to Rainbow Apartments’If only I could have reached here in time… The last time I was headed here, all this mess wouldn’t have happened, spoke … [Read more…]

The Imperiled Male Fraternity…!

For the Female Sorority – You may not like what you read ahead but this is the bitter truth. The way the today’s daily soaps are turning a new leaf is quite surprising. A day before while watching one of the recently aired soaps, a dialogue between the leads intrigued me. The female said, ‘There is … [Read more…]