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We’re All In This Together! Source: mum.eduRose from the deep slumberMy eyes cried of painA pain unknown, a pain unheardThe flowers didn’t blossomthe sun didn’t shineAll was fine, yet nothing was fineThe world came to a haltAs the news flooded inLots of carnage, our brethren were killedMother Earth bled as its children fellWith another wretched tale to tellSorrow overwhelmed the world’s joyLand flushed with the blood of martyrsFor what she wondered her children foughtWhere got lost all the hunger for loveSource: speakingtree.inThe air froze with fearHearts swelled with angerThe times of war came nearerAmidst the chaos, a light was seenAs the souls passed on to another realm The world witnessed their plea for peacePraying won’t help, said the light in the skyRise over this meaningless fightAll we want is for you to surviveCome together and fend off the evilJoin hands with…