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Circle of Deceit

Kalakar Colony Circle of Deceit Wildcard EntryYou can read the previous chapter here.Chapter 21 – Wait.. Think and Serve! I should hurry… This traffic always kills the schedule, why can’t I fly! I should have accepted the jet dad offered on my last birthday, but Shekhar’s ego… Arrrgh… “Arre jaldi chalo na bhaiya! Isse tez to main chal ke hi pahunch jaati!” Tara screamed over the traffic to the driver. Ah! Colaba… We used to hang out so much here.. Shekhar always said, “When I will write my bestseller, I will buy a whole stall for you, whichever you say!” and how I would blush and punch him playfully saying, ‘When your book will become a bestseller, you won’t be hanging out with me here. You’ll be giving me the credit Mr. Dutta! And then we both would burst into laughter…’ Memories… A…