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I stand in the middle..Middle of nowhere..Looking in the past..Not just a glare..Time flies fast..Leaving me to fiddle..With pieces of present..And the facets of future..Things to lament..Nightmares and torture..Memories to be cherished..Starting to dwindle..So I decide to be gone..Dying to kindle..Known by none..Before the charm is perished..Words are swords, that fight ruthless..Let the…
Kalakar ColonyCircle of DeceitRound 2You can read the previous chapter here.Chapter 19 – A stranger or a Know-it-All? Jennifer read the welcome board. It said, ‘Welcome to Rainbow Apartments’If only I could have reached here in time… The last time I was headed here, all this mess wouldn’t have happened, spoke her conscience. She pushed away the thoughts and made her way to Mr. Ahuja…