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‘Bolte Raho’These two words are what make our world happening and lively. Wondering what they mean? ‘Bolte Raho’ translated to English, means ‘Keep speaking’!However, has widened the meaning of these words to much more than just speaking pointlessly. Bolteraho is one of India’s leading content sharing and publishing websites that is all set to bombard its way to the top. Launched in February 15′, BolteRaho is on a continuous quest to bring to you original and unpublished content for your knowledge and entertainment.Not just that, anything that’s trending will have a BolteRaho standing. Be it the loss of an Indian Legend or the apocalypse of fats in your system. From entertainment to food and from food to knowledge, just name it and they’ve got it all. Why BolteRaho when so many such sites already exist?I’ll tell you why. BolteRaho isn…