Celebrate Diwali with Expressing Life : Double Contest Alert!

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the most celebrated and sacred festivals of Hindus in India.  The significance is the celebration of the homecoming of Lord Rama after rescuing Lady Sita, his wife, from the evil King Ravana and completing their 14 years of exile.  Source: www.play.google.com With Diwali around the corner, on … [Read more…]

Christmas Greetings with a Contest!

Source: hdwallpaperbackgrounds.net With more than half of the world celebrating, I bring you the season’s greetings folks,Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! Sending you all bundles of love and joy, for Christmas is the season of giving and I take absolute pleasure in doing the same. Source: searchquotes.com This is not just another Christmas wish … [Read more…]

A Common Man’s Story – #MadeOfGreat Contest!

We all come in contact with a fantastically large number of people during the course of our lives. Many we don’t remember and some we do. Only once-every-gazillion years, do we encounter someone who really leaves a lasting impression. Someone who is #madeofgreat. I came across one such person while I was in Mumbai for … [Read more…]

Transformation: My Dream Room!

“They say that our home is a reflection of our personality. Everything in our room stands for a part of us; be it the colour or a knickknack you picked up during your travels.” I couldn’t agree more with the above line! Our home is indeed a reflection of our personality, but our room is … [Read more…]

Will Of Steel: Honouring the Real Heroes

#WillofSteel is an endeavour by JSW to honour the unsung heroes of India, people who have truly proven their mettle and have unbreakable determination. Be in sports, healthcare, social service or even saving the environment. These are individuals whose willpower has changed the world. Source:  www.blogadda.com Several people have been nominated for #WillOfSteel honour. You … [Read more…]

Fight Against Acne with Garnier!

Play this scenario in your mind –  Your brother is getting married. Only a few days to go before the wedding festivities start. The house has been cleaned up and decorated. All your clothes are set up according to the functions. Dance practices are on. Everybody seems to be doing something or other. Distant relatives … [Read more…]

Mesmerising Melbourne!

Ahoy mateys! When the question of where to go the next holidays comes to your mind, do take my advice and visit the Victorian capital ‘Melbourne’!The second-largest Australian city is home to a booming 4.1 million people. David Iliff / Via commons.wikimedia.org Ya-ha! The most livable city in the whole wide world, three times in a … [Read more…]