7 Healthy Habits to Adopt in Your Twenties

7 Healthy Habits to Adopt in Your Twenties The trial and error period of our life also known as the 20’s is the one that impacts our future most crucially. The habits you develop in this decade of your life, in the 20’s, decide how well you will age. While living healthy is not our priority … [Read more…]

बूढ़ी काकी – A story worth reading!

This is my one of the most favorite chapters in the history of forever. Grade 7 or 8, I’m not sure, but this story did wrench my heart.  बूढ़ी काकी मुंशी प्रेमचंद द्वारा लिखित  1 बुढ़ापा बहुधा बचपन का पुनरागमन हुआ करता है। बूढ़ी काकी में जिह्वा-स्वाद के सिवा और कोई चेष्टा शेष न थी … [Read more…]

The Lessons from My True Teachers!! :)

Sometimes in life we meet some people who tend to change the way we live, the way we perceive life. I’m sure you two must have met such people too because I have, and I’m really glad that I did. yes, I’m talking about our friends, who we meet out of nowhere and allow them … [Read more…]