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Book Review: Gypsy Magic~Closing my eyes, I did the only thing I could think of. I prayed.~Author: Tonya RoystonPrice (Kindle Edition): $0.99/ ₹66Genre: Young Adult FictionRating: 3/5 ISBN- 9781530218721Young Adult is quite a repetitive genre, so while choosing the books, I make sure there is a new element or something different than the normal cliches. ‘Gypsy Magic’ by Tonya Royston, book one in the Gypsy Magic Trilogy, is a YA paranormal romance which is, thankfully, not following all the cliches. Here’s my review of the same:Source: www.jennifergibson.caBlurb from the book:Gracyn Pierce is starting over. She has a new home, a new boyfriend, and a new horse. Everything is perfect, or so it seems. Because Gracyn left a secret behind. In her quest to erase the memory of that night, she forces herself to study hard, her sights set on…