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Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day and you know you’re in trouble if you show up empty-handed in front of your special someone! Here’s a compilation of cards that scream out cute, funny and everything punny!Nothing says I love you like:1. Pizza.www.pinterest.comOr you could just do this:www.pinterest.com2. Punny Soup.www.pinterest.com3. Quirky.www.pinterest.com4. Science.www.pinterest.com5. Google.www.pinterest.com6. Derivatives.www.pinterest.com7. Otters.www.pinterest.com8. Coffee.www.pinterest.com9. Dumbledore.www.pinterest.com10. Fish.www.pinterest.com11. Cheese.www.pinterest.com12. Olives.www.pinterest.com13. Lava.www.pinterest.com14. Soy.www.pinterest.com15. Type.www.pinterest.com16. Dinosaurs.www.pinterest.com17.’18. Butter.www.pinterest.com19. Whales.www.pinterest.com20…


The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift GuideSource: omgimagebil2016o.tkWhat to gift your Valentine— let’s hear it first for the ladies!                                  The cardinal rule that keeps every relationship afloat is, ladies first! The men who are well acquainted with this fact are the happiest and are almost always at peace! Although, this week we aren’t going to talk about relationships; we are going to touch upon a subject that is way bigger than your everyday petty fights with your partner-in-crime! Valentine’s Day is a subject that might perk your ears up! That’s right! We are bang in the middle of the Valentine Week, and if you haven’t already started shopping for your bitter-sweet partner, you’d better start immediately! ‘Else you might have to face…