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Enriching Online Apparel Shopping Experience With Tech – Abof

Tech Driving Online Apparel Shopping

It’s not just about the clothes. Online fashion shopping is also about the end-to-end experience for buyers and websites continuously use new features to retain loyalty. Big websites are investing in technology to power their brands and ensure seamless shopping and loyal customers.Enterprise Cloud is the lifeline for many start-ups, and in this data driven and competitive age, Cloud finds its applications in many verticals. Online retail shopping is an expanding giant sector in India, and with more players in the game backed up by large funds, tech features and consumer data is becoming more crucial. From buying shorts for men to a search for a new backpack, every click sets a chain reaction and integration of multiple technologies to keep users engaged.

Natural Searches and More

IBM Cloud is one of the major drivers for firms looking for cognitive services. Providing security and scalability, this architecture is being used in one of India’s major fashion sites as the base of one of its newest features. Owned by Aditya Birla, the fashion site Abof has followed a more community and information based approach to fashion retailing. The latest addition to this shopping experience is a personalised landing page and fashion tips for individual shoppers. Natural language search is one of the features that Abof is introducing with the help of Watson delivered on IBM Cloud. Natural language allows for more flexibility of input and more fluid site exploration. IBM Research and IBM Global Business Services facilitated this intuitive add-on to the Abof website, helping it build on its experience-focused structure.

Reducing Product Returns

Abof is also looking to address one of the main concerns of online sellers using technology. Product returns in apparel are a common occurrence, and high percentages of returns really hit an enterprise’s targets and result in a waste of resources. Not to mention, customer experience is also affected by unsatisfactory products, hitting a company’s long-term goal of gaining loyalty. These are not small margins in an industry that is expected to be worth $35 billion according to a Google India estimate. A lot of products get returned because they don’t fit the buyer. In association with London-based 3D virtual fitting service provider Metail, Abof is adding an innovative change room feature, which is being rolled out for a range of women’s products.A garment available on this feature has been photographed from 16 different angles on a mannequin, and the data is used for the visual depiction on the customer front. Customers can then choose an avatar on the site, add their measurements and then get a visual representation that is much more dynamic than traditional size charts.Men’s fitting issues are also being tackled with the help of tech. Whether you are looking for joggers for men or t-shirts, Abof plans to add fitting recommendations with the help of tech firm Fitanalytics. With each brands having unique fits, this new tech will help improve the overall shopping experience.With a large inventory dedicated to a millennial audience, Abof is hoping to catch the appeal of its youth majority target demographic. The tech in online fashion shopping is all about bridging gaps that exist between physical and virtual shopping. Abof’s recent aggressive development on this front only bodes well for the online shopper.1552bfc1957617787ef896f09bce59a54f921cfc90351c2151

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