10 Last Minute DIY Christmas Decorations

  It’s Christmas Eve and if you are late on your Christmas decorations, here are ten cool last minute DIY Christmas Decorations that’ll only take a few minutes to make but will look spectacular nonetheless! 1. Fairy Lights Christmas Tree: Didn’t find the perfect little Christmas Tree? Make one yourself with fairy lights and adorn … [Read more…]

20 Cute Last-Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

It’s Valentine’s Day and you know you’re in trouble if you show up empty-handed in front of your special someone! Here’s a compilation of cards that scream out cute, funny and everything punny! Nothing says I love you like: 1. Pizza. www.pinterest.com Or you could just do this: www.pinterest.com 2. Punny Soup. www.pinterest.com 3. Quirky. … [Read more…]