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I scour pinterest on a regular basis and the DIYs I find there are beyond adorable and easy to make. Of course, I don’t claim that I can actually replicate them, I don’t think anyone can, but some of them are fairly easy to attempt!So, when I was looking for easy and different kind of cards, I came across one of these Cute DIY Matchbox Cards:One…
 It’s Christmas Eve and if you are late on your Christmas decorations, here are ten cool last minute DIY Christmas Decorations that’ll only take a few minutes to make but will look spectacular nonetheless!1. Fairy Lights Christmas Tree:Didn’t find the perfect little Christmas Tree? Make one yourself with fairy lights and adorn it with precious little ornaments!2. DIY Ribbon Wreath in Christmas Colours…
It’s Valentine’s Day and you know you’re in trouble if you show up empty-handed in front of your special someone! Here’s a compilation of cards that scream out cute, funny and everything punny! Check out these 20 Cute Last-Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Cards Nothing says I love you like:1. Pizza.www.pinterest.comOr you could just do this:www.pinterest…