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In June of the year 2013, I started a blog named ‘Expressing Life‘ on It was a Blogspot blog that served as my virtual diary. Over time, I started gathering readers and a little income from this endeavour of mine. I then decided to develop a professional blog. Bought a domain name, shifted to, revamped Expressing Life and here we are! This blog is a labour of love and years of polished and unpolished writing.

On this blog, I share my personal experiences about people, places and things that matter (or not). Sometimes, I write about things that I care about and sometimes, about things that everyone should care about. I have frequent encounters with the writer’s block and hence the irregularity in posting. I write a lot, but you get to see a small fraction of what I write. Of the remaining content, half needs rewriting and half isn’t for the public eye.

Experimenting with my writing has always been a curiosity for me. I’ve tried several forms of poetry, story writing and essay writing. It excites me. I also share some of my poetry exclusively on my Instagram- Inside Out Poetry.

Radhika Mundra – Founder & Editor

Hi! I’m Radhika, a passionate writer. ‘Expressing Life’ is my sanctuary. My refuge from the reality that is more often than not, unkind.

I’m a freelance content writer, but it is a job that tears my heart apart. Why, you ask? Well, as much as I enjoy writing for a living, it breaks my heart to sell the content I so wholeheartedly write. The care, research and love that come together to bring you the content bubbles over when I depart from the pieces.

Apart from writing, I am an avid reader of the genres I like, you can tell that by reading my book reviews. I aim to build a library in my home, but apologies, borrowing will be prohibited. It’ll be a treasure worth inheriting. Currently, I own more than 250 books and I hope by the end of my days, I’d be able to add another zero to it.

I’m a great cook. Well, I became one after getting married because I had no other choice. I have always been a quick learner, so when adversity struck, I emerged victoriously. And, I’m glad I did. It is a skill everyone must learn, men and women alike. You should check out my food blog, Vegetarian Food Bubble!

I am a travel enthusiast, but I’ll be honest, I haven’t travelled much. I’ve been to several places in India, and New Zealand, outside India. Currently, I’m writing a series of essays on Jodhpur, my hometown.

I was pursuing commerce until I painfully decided not to, and here I am, pursuing my dream of writing something worth your time.

I love animals, pettable animals, to be clear. Even though I’ve been bitten by one and licked by several, I have a dog. Once you get to know him, you’ll agree that he’s the cutest being ever. My dog’s Instagram- Moti Mera Naam

In the meantime, my younger sister and I run a fashion accessories brand, Accessoire by V. It’s chic, stylish and affordable, right up your alley!

After reading the above, I’m sure you’d be able to guess that I’m a Gemini, and if you know your zodiac, you can tell if we’ll get along or maybe not! I’m an ambivert who favours silence but doesn’t dislike noise.

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Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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