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In this digital era, printing your memories has an another charm to it. I recently stumbled upon an amazing website that revolutionalizes photo printing, ‘Printiki’. I love printing photos and if you follow me on Instagram, you must have noticed that too! Not long ago, I put up a photo wall and I couldn’t be happier, but that is for another post though it would have been better if I had stumbled upon Printiki before making the photo wall. So, I reached out to them and here we are! I received 30 Printiki prints in exchange for a review. My opinions about the products remain to be honest and unbiased. So, let’s get on with it!  

Website Review:

 Website Review: | Expressing Life I’ve been wanting to print some polaroids because aren’t they charming? The retro style! I tried to do that locally and they asked what is Polaroid, meh. Thankfully, Printiki is not only a revolutionised and sophisticated printing service but also, delivers your prints right at your doorstep! In fact, Printiki allows you to print photos from the cloud, using any device, right from your preferred social media account, be it Instagram, Facebook or even Google+, unbelievably yes. The best part though is that they ship worldwide! No geographical constraints, yay! To top it, now they’ve started printing locally in India, which means, a lower shipping cost!  Website Review: | Expressing Life Now, I decided to print my photos with a Retro border and a Matte finish. The process was remarkably easy. You can choose to add a thin border or no border at all. You can choose to add captions, hashtags are all the rage. The finish can be either Matte or Glossy, as per your preference. I received the prints in around 18-20 days but they’ll be soon starting to print locally in India and the shipping time will be significantly lower. Lo and behold, here are the pretty prints I got:  Website Review: | Expressing Life  Website Review: | Expressing Life I absolutely adore these prints and would love to put them up creatively, other than the photo wall. Printiki, on their Instagram, provides several creative ideas to display these pretty prints. Be sure to check them out and tell me in the comments, any creative ideas that you have which I can use!  Website Review: | Expressing Life In conclusion, I am very satisfied with Printiki’s service. The process didn’t take long and the prints are absolutely fantastic. I’d definitely recommend it to everyone. Once you see how convenient it is, you’ll be all praises for it as well! Also, I have to confess. I was supposed to put up the review a month back but something or the other came up and Beatriz, the face behind Printiki, was so patient with me all the time. Apologies and Kudos to you, Bia! So, go ahead and give Printiki a try. Print those amazing shots straight from your Instagram and have them delivered to your doorstep because, #YouAreWorthPrinting! Pin it for later: Website Review: #YouAreWorthPrinting  Website Review: | Expressing Life

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