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Raksha Bandhan Contest with IGP: Winners Declared!

Raksha Bandhan, or commonly known as Rakhi is one of the most celebrated and sacred Hindu festival of India. ON Raksha Bandhan, the sister ties a Rakhi (a sacred thread) on her brother’s wrist and takes a promise from him to protect her for life, to be her strength and to always have her back. With time, the meaning has evolved and now, siblings, even only sisters or brother, celebrate Rakhi with great fervour.

To strengthen this bond and to celebrate this love, Expressing Life has associated with and together, we have a contest for you and your sibling(s)! 

The contest starts at 8:30 PM IST on 30th July, 2017 and Ends on 2nd August, 2017 at 8:30 PM IST.

Terms and Conditions:
– Answer both questions in order to be eligible to win.
– There will be two questions for the contest. There will be one winner for each question. 
– Share the IGP TVC from Facebook on personal profiles. Link:

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– Must use the hashtag #IGPSiblingRivalry in each answer!

Winners and Prizes:

1. Prize: Vouchers worth INR 1000 from IGP

2. There will be 2 winners, one for each question.
3. The winners will be declared on 4th August, 2017.
The winners decided by the organisers will be final.

So, without further ado, here’s the first question:


raksha bandhan contest 2017
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raksha bandhan contest 2017
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Write your answer in the comment box below and don’t forget to share the contest with your friends for some brownie points! Get answering! 

Thank you all for your participation, we have the results and two people among you have won a voucher worth INR 1000 each for your sibling!



Question 1: Shilpa

Question 2: Kanika

We loved all the stories you guys shared and it was extremely difficult to choose one and not the other. We’ll be emailing you the vouchers soon, so keep an eye on your email!

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Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.


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  • I always used to eat/drink our favourite stuff slower than my bade Bhaiya so that I can tease him in the end that I still have something left.
    It leaves a smile on my face when I think of those trifling fights we had and suddenly used to make up.
    The memories may fade away with passing time but the love we share will only grow.

  • Question #1:
    The most memorable fight I’ve had with a sibling was with my brother, Stephen. It sounds silly retelling the story because we were so young (I was around 11 years old and he was 9 years old) but it was such a catastrophe that I remember it like it was yesterday!. We used to go on bike rides often, so my parents thought it would be fun to buy a 2-person bike to ride from time to time. Well, if you have never ridden one, then you don’t realize the difficulty the rider in the back actually has! While both riders can pedal, the person in the front is the only one who has total control of the steering. Of course, I had to be the back rider, and because I had never ridden a bike before with another person, I didn’t know how to just pedal and enjoy the ride! I didn’t trust that my brother would be able to correctly steer us around the block (3.5 miles), up and down hills, and back home. Needless to say we wiped out 20+ times. He was so upset with me because I guess it was my fault that we were not quite making it around the block safely and in good time. In fact, what should have taken us 20 minutes, took us about 2 hours!! My parents came searching for us because they thought something had happened to us. I thought that maybe if I was the person in front, it would be better. Wrong! We still continued to fall, cry, complain, and scrape up the brand new bike my parents thought we would love. It’s so funny to think about it now, but nothing about it was funny at the time! In the final stretch (a straightaway), we were able to ride down the entire street and turn into our driveway without falling. Thank goodness we made it home! We didn’t ride the bike together again that far, but we were forced to learn a few things about each other and about teamwork along our journey that day!

  • Question #2:
    The most memorable gifts I have received from siblings have been those that they have made for me and vice versa. Gifts that have a personal touch as well as those that have been created from scratch are the most meaningful because the the person who made them had you in mind while they were hard at work! I’ve received picture collages, jewelry, and items for my home, but the one that I still have and cherish the most was a scrapbook calendar that my sister, Lacy, made for me. She collected pictures of our entire family from when we were babies up through adults. It took her about 9 months to make! Wow! This was before everything was saved online, so the amount of time it took her to find all of the pictures, specific ones to match each montly theme, meant so much to me! Her careful selection of photos was outstanding and the creative way she put it together was amazing! It is so beautiful, and I will keep it forever! It made me feel so special that she chose to spend all her free time and extra energy into making this special gift for me! I love her so much! I can remember the day she came home from the hospital (I am 7 years older than her); I am so proud of the woman she has become, especially now being that she is a new mom! She means the world to me, and I couldn’t ask for a more loving and caring sister and best friend than her! I am lucky and blessed to have her in my life! 🙂

  • I was the middle child …so I always felt left out of things …but the three of us would usually fight over the front seat of the car…I usually lost this battle neither my oldest sister would get it because she was the oldest ….or the baby sister got it. Now it wouldn’t be a fight because we would all be the back seat …it’s sad to think of those days …I haven’t seen my family in over 20 years. Now the fights just seem so stupid.
    Good luck to everyone….loved reading the answers

    The second question would have to be my oldest sisters baby shower …she got many nice things for my niece …But I wanted her to have something just for her …so including all the baby things I made sure she had new outfits for after the baby so she felt good…I wish I had better answers but my family wasn’t the best ….I’ve tried to forget that part of my life

  • Question 1:
    I have fought with my brother several times. My brother and I are twins so he was my first friend and my first rival. One memorable fight we had was when he wanted to watch a certain television program and I wanted to watch some other program. Those days, televisions were like a box and sometimes you had to manually change the channel. So I would keep going to the tv and manually change the channel and y brother would get upset and start fighting with me. The fight would start with verbal abuses and end with a beating. He was too fast so he would hit me and run and I would wait for him to quiet down and when he stopped running, I would sit on him as I was a fat kid. My mother got so irritated that she threw her favorite tong on us and we went back like Neo in the movie Matrix. The tong broke and my brother and I started laughing as if the fight never happened, leaving mom fuming with anger.

    Question 2:
    The best gift that my brother gave me was a Walkman. Those days having a Walkman was very cool and I loved music. This was the best gift ever.


  • #IGPSiblingRivalry This is the most memorable gift from my brother when I was in fifth class one day my brother saw me crying lonely in my room.He came to my room and asked politely that what had happened to me and why I was crying.I told him that next day I have a maths exam for which I don’t know anything and I am sure to fail in that exam.My school teacher tries her best to explain me but I am unable to understand it.My brother took my maths books in his room and came back after couple of hours,he then spent next 2 hours explaining me my maths chapters in details with great Interest and care and helped me to prepare really well for my exam.I appeared for my maths exam the very next day morning & surprise!!! Surprise !!!scored 50 out of 50 in my maths exam.My teacher was surprised & praised me a lot .I came back home with a big smile on my face as my brother came back home from office .I hugged him tightly.He was too very happy to see her sister performed so well with his little effort.This incident is the most memorable and touching moment in my life.

  • Q1.
    The most memorable fight huh?
    Bet this will be the most memorable comment too. While I was enjoying the nothingness of my life, out of the blue my brother offers me something (he OFFERED me something!). An almond. Yeah.
    So I suspiciously put the tasteless “almond” in my mouth just to realise it was a piece of garlic. No more tasteless.
    P.S. Don’t worry, his fractures after the incident were recovered

    Boy was it a lovely day when my brother surprised me with my initials razored in his haircut on my birthday.

  • Ans1
    Not a particular fight but when we used to fight for tv remote will always be remembered by us as she wants to watch MTV or v channel and I want to watch cricket so the fight used to start.

    The most memorable gift that I’ve given would be a poem for my sibling, my sister. We’ve grown up and don’t spend enough time together. Also, once you grow up, conveying your feelings can be a task if you’re not very close. it was her eighteenth birthday, so I decided to something special for her. I’m not a poet or a writer, in fact, I’m far from it. So, I wrote her a poem as it came to me. When I gifted it to her, she cried. And I don’t think that any material gift could ever make anyone as happy as this, and I’m so glad that I decided to write that poem. We’re closer now.

  • Question #1


    My brother is 5 years older than me. So I couldn’t win over him in the fights we had in our childhood. He was obviously stronger than me. But then I had my own defense mechanisms like shouting, crying, calling ma or locking myself inside a room. I remember one day we were fighting over a moneybag baba brought. None of us were willing to give it to the other and it was a thing which could not be shared. When the war was going out of my hand, I cleverly took the bag and locked myself in a room. That day ma was also against me. I was angry and suddenly I thought, if I can not have this, noone can have this. I took a knife and tore the bag apart. It was a favourite thing to both of us. But I decided to destroy it as I had to be humiliated for that. When baba came back, he beat the crap out of us.

  • Question #2


    My brother gave me a gift only after getting a job. It was my first mobile phone which I’m using till now. Earlier I used to snatch his things, whatever I liked. I didn’t like the phone though…

  • Answer to question 1 already posted above..
    Here goes answer to my second question..

    I think the most memorable gift I have given to my Bade Bhaiya is keeping all his secrets intact and away from momma.. Be it lying about his fake late night group study at his friend’s place or be it about his hangouts with his gfS
    Because I have a brother, I’ll always have a friend..
    Or rather I’ll say that the greatest gift our parents gave us was each other..
    I may not always say it, but my heart is always overflowing with gratitude for you my bade Bhaiya..
    Love you to the moon and back..

  • Q1.


    My brother is 5 yrs older then me but seeing us fight no one could guess our age difference..except in physical fights where he was obviously stronger. Lots n lots of daily fights we had during our childhood. Even today he being father of a girl and me being mother of a boy.. the fights are exactly same and thtz what i feel the crisp of our relation. The best fight as i remember was during my ca studies.There was no one in the home and as i was having my exam dates nearby mum had told him not to fight with me and help me as n when i need.So taking advantage i was asking for some or the other work again and again. But now the limit was over. Now when i asked him for a glass of water… Our water fight started.N then starting from mug then bucket….and finally when my grandmother entered home he had a bucket in hand and i had a water pipe in my hand with full pressure water on..and water all around in the home.Haha..:D Then we were scolded like anything….we still miss the day many a times when we meet. RIghtly said..Times passes memories remain.:)

    Q. 2


    The best gift i received from my brother is when i cleared my Chartered Accountancy course.I called him and told my result becoz by that time he had shifted to Mumbai. He was so happy like he had cleared and not me..:)..The next day when i got up and was coming downstairs there was a packet there. When i opened it there was a beautiful watch inside and a small tag on it saying.. “u did it.. Proud of u!!”. That feeling was supeb. So that was my best gift from him.

  • Ans #2
    1.Most memorable gift was a surprise birthday treat.
    2. I’ve always been a gift-taker. ha-ha. At various occasion received them. And co-incidentally, today only I’ve received my Rakhi gift sent by my sister. ✨❤️
    Everytime it becomes memorable one & I’m sure others would feel the same.


  • Hi Radhika,

    Thanks for this contest!

    Q1: I have numerous answers for the first question, but the most memorable of fights would be when my sister and I fought over who loved our parents more! It was hilarious for our parents, as I remember they were having a great time while we were tearing each other’s hair off. It is one of our favorite memory to jog down to every once in a while.

    Q2: The best gift, well, glad to say she is quite creative. She always manages to one up our gifting game. I remember the time she gave me mason jars full of snacks because I’m a movie fanatic. They were so good that I managed to empty a good amount of them within a few days. Now, on every Raksha Bandhan, along with the Rakhi, she fills up those jars and there can’t be a better gift for me.

    Also, I’d like to thank You and IGP for giving us this opportunity! I would love to get her something nice.

  • Answer for 1st question -every fight is memorable i do with my sibling as we fight just as two wild animals…hahah…jokes apart the most memorable fight was when we were fighting for tv remote and a small fight takes a wild look we started hitting each other and he slapped m so badly that blood started coming from my nose then the things that he has to listen from my family was unbearable….but atlast he says sorry for his mistake…☺

    For 2nd i would say every gft is memorable given by my sibling to me as he rarely gft me something ….but the best he gave me was on my birthday that was a fat large teddy bear of my height and that was the totally same as i want always

  • 1. Memorable fight
    We were in college then. I love my brother a lot but I love fighting with him more than I love him. I tease him a lot, irritate him to the core and do a lot of stuff so that he can fight with me. But, he is so patient and he knows that I am doing these so that we can fight. And so, he never fights. And he wins it even without participating in it just by laughing or shrugging it off. One day, I decided to not to talk to him for 24 hours and I was waiting to see how he still cannot get into a fight with me. I planned to maintain it a secret. As planned, I wasn’t talking to him that day. Initially, he was surprised, but took no interest for 2-3 hours. And then the actual game began. He started worrying, was talking to me the whole time, trying to know if he had hurt me, asked me if I am disturbed about anything etc etc. But, I really din’t give a damn. 16 hours later he was really infuriated. And he started shouting at me that he always takes care about me and he din’t like the way I am behaving with me. And yes, I won the game. I started laughing and told him about his plan. He was very furious at me for this silly thing. Later we had a hearty laugh and bonded as usual.

    2. Memorable Gift
    It is a long, long story. My brother is very bad when it comes to expressing his brotherly love. He doesn’t like it, in the first place. And I am very opposite to that. I express in every way possible. Be it clothing, footwear, flower bouquet, watches, wine and cheese, gadgets etc. He used to gift me petty gifts like, stationery, funky jewelry etc. But, I always wanted bigger ones and he would never budge an inch about it. A few years later, I stopped expecting anything apart from petty gifts from him.
    It was my 19th birthday. And as usual, I woke up, got fresh and came to the kitchen. Was preparing something and my brother blindfolded me. I was shocked that he is doing something like this. He took me to the dining room, unfolded it and what do I see. This beautiful gajar ka halwa. And after tasting it, there were tears in my eyes. It was the most tasty halwa I ever had.
    So, here goes the actual story. I love desserts and Gajar Ka Halwa is my favourite. Everyone close to me knows about this and my brother is no exception. It is like, he wanted to surprise me with this dish and hence started learning this at a friend’s place. He spared two hours in a day, took 2 hrs break from the office, went there and learnt it from the scratch. He took it and served it to his colleagues and kept it a tight secret that it wouldn’t be revealed to me. It went on for 15 days in a range of two months. One day, when he and his colleagues felt that he has learnt it, he made it on eve of my birthday and surprised me on the next morning. I almost skipped a heart beat after hearing all this.
    Now, this halwa is more precious to me than the Kohinoor. The efforts that he made to make this, the time he had spent, love he has poured into this, everything seemed like the stars in the galaxy, just infinite. It was not the halwa, but my brother who was and is more sweet. Such a wonderful gesture.
    It been two years now that he is away from home, working in a different city. He is coming home for rakhi and can’t wait to see him and I have loads of surprises for him. And yes, I am anticipating the same too, from him.
    He definitely has the heart of a diamond and I love him more than anything else in this world.


  • Q1. My most memorable fight with my brother was from him accidentally hot water split on me and I did the same to him on purpose to get revenge and he cried a lot after that i was scolded by my parents and he till the that now also recall that incident and we laugh like crazy .


  • Q2 He gave me a beautiful Kurti on my birthday from his own money and branded sunglasses it was really memorable for me because he earned it himself and gave me. That was the best of all the gifts he has ever given me. I’m really proud of him.


Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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