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Techa Chocolate Spice Tea Review

TéChā Chocolate Spice Tea Review

Before I start the review, I’d like you to know that I’m not a Tea person, I have never been one. So, when Rishabh, the founder and CEO of Té.Chā – Specialty tea boutique reached out to me for reviewing one of the products his tea boutique offers, I was sceptic. I was sceptic until I saw the product he said he was sending. It was the Chocolate Spice Tea from Té.Chā. I gave it thought and came to the conclusion that trying something new wouldn’t hurt, plus, a big big plus is that it has Chocolate flavour! So, I present before you, Techa Chocolate Spice Tea Review:

Techa Chocolate Spice Tea Review:

Techa Chocolate Spice Tea Review
About the tea: This enticing, chocolate spice tea blends rich cocoa bits with a host of rich Indian spices delivering an exotic drink to satisfy the chocolate lover inside you. This tea is specially designed to be infused with the soothing black tea with a surprising flavour of rooibos. This tea is just perfect to warm you up on those child frosty winter mornings!
Recommended number of steeps: Two – Three
Price: ₹ 999.00 per 100gms

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Review: The first thing about this tea would be the strong cocoa scent. The aroma is so strong and tempting, you’d be enticed to bite a few tea leaves and then you’d taste the Indian spices, harmoniously mixed with chocolate. The taste isn’t strong, rather mild, but soothing. I had it with half a teaspoon sugar and realised that the chocolate compensates the sweetness, so I’d avoid adding sugar, but a little pinch wouldn’t hurt. My father is diabetic, so he had the tea without sugar and said that it tasted just fine.
As mentioned above, I’m not a Tea person, I’d rather drink cold beverages or coffee. This tea, however, managed to get me to drink tea two days in a row. The only reason why I didn’t drink it on the third day was that my brother is returning to the US and he has decided to take the tea along. It became a family favourite in no time. My mother usually avoids chocolate but her reaction to this tea was surprisingly good. 
That’s all about the taste! I’d recommend you give it a try whether or not you are a tea drinker because you never know what might become your next favorite!

Buy the Tea here: 



  • Strong Aroma
  • Refreshing Taste
  • Combats Cardiovascular disease 
  • Doesn’t Require Additional Sugar


  • Expensive
Techa Chocolate Spice Tea Review

So, in the end, I’d recommend you try this Indian Tea with a Chocolaty twist, the refreshing flavour of sweet cinnamon and barley malt with the choicest Indian Chai spices. 

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Techa Chocolate Spice Tea Review
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