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Golden Affair Caratlane Dhanteras

A Golden Affair With Caratlane This Dhanteras

The most awaited festive season in India is about to begin. With back-to-back festivities, dressing up is a great concern, and choosing the right jewellery is even greater. In this festive season, there are many auspicious days to buy gold coins and jewels, but there’s one day that’s especially significant, Dhanteras.

Dhanteras is the first day of the great Indian festival, Diwali, and is also the day when Goddess Lakshmi came out from the ocean of milk during the churning of the Sea (source: Wikipedia). Hence, to worship Goddess Laxmi, Hindus buy gold in form of coins or silver utensils because it is known to bring them great wealth and fortune.

Nowadays, people hardly get time to visit shops as they prepare for the festivals, so, as it always has, online shopping conveniently makes this process easier. Just yesterday, my mother asked me to look up some option for jewellery to buy, and that’s when I came across Caratlane’s website.

Caratlane is a renowned name in the jewellery industry because of the variety and the quality that it offers. They offer amazing designs at affordable prices. Mind you, gold is never cheap, but since they manufacture it themselves, the prices are relatively less and hence affordable. They claim that the price difference can be as huge as 30% as compared to the prices in the market.

Moreover, the unique designs and variety they offer is quite astonishing. There is something for everyone, be it in Gold, diamond or platinum, you name it!

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Here are a few amazing jewels from their various collections that I personally liked:

Golden Affair Caratlane Dhanteras
Golden Affair Caratlane Dhanteras
Golden Affair Caratlane Dhanteras
Golden Affair Caratlane Dhanteras

The best part about Caratlane, though, is their ‘Try@Home’ feature. Buying jewellery before trying is not what you’d be advised by seasoned shoppers like women in an Indian household. So, Caratlane allows the users to try their favourite pieces of jewellery at their home, without any compulsion of buying it. You can try the pieces that you choose and pay for the ones you’d like to buy. For me, this seems like the perfect opportunity to spend more time with family instead of sitting in jewellery shops during these festivals.

Also, to add to its credibility, Caratlane has partnered with Tanishq, one of the greatest names in Indian Jewellery Industry. So, we are definitely trying Caratlane this Dhanteras, what about you?

Leave your thoughts in the comments! Until next time, Be kind to one another!

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