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Value Shopping in India

Value Shopping In India – Online Vs Retail?

With the ongoing cut-throat competition brewing among different brands (sellers), the customer is, yet again, in the benefit pool. Today, the variety and diversity of available options for one single product are incredibly huge. At times like this, the customer is often thrown into a fiasco of unlimited supply and the troubling question of, ‘From whom to buy?’. The endless trouble of Value Shopping. In this era of online shopping, the retail market has dramatically suffered. Even a 5% discount online has the power to steal a retail customer from a local seller. The customer’s end goal is to get equal value for the amount of money spent, that is Value Shopping, and more so, a higher value than the money spent. Online Shopping is racing far ahead of retail shopping because of the enormous price gap between both the sectors.

Value Shopping in India
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Nowadays, for instance, if you want to buy women handbags, you’ll be astonished by the sheer number of options available to you, along with the prices they are available. The main point to be noticed here is the difference between the prices on a retail store and an online store. While a retail store has to spend a fortune on the physical store and stocks of the products, an online store eliminates a lot of these costs and hence can afford to sell the same products at a discount. So in effect, a handbag worth INR 1200 could cost you only INR 1000 on an online store, or at certain different discounts. However, the quality and the credibility of a seller has to be checked before making such a purchase. If a branded product is costing you a considerable amount of INR 3000 at a retail store and only INR 1500 on an online store, it is crucial that you check for the reliability of the site that you make such a purchase from. Like any official store, it should have a return and exchange policy of at least seven days. It is imperative that one understands that value shopping doesn’t mean blindly shopping for products that cost lesser at one store than the other. Such mentality will get you to lose more money and get a lower value. At a retail store, you can quickly inspect the object of your interest before making the purchase. On the other hand, you have to trust the seller with your money while hoping they’ll send you the right product and that too, of the exact quality you purchased.
Value Shopping
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It is always better to buy anything from only trusted sites that have reviews and ratings from genuine buyers who have previously purchased from such sites. The online stores today offer ample of products, from your basic needs to your taste in luxury, from bedding to kitchen wares, from women’s footwear to men’s skincare products. Needless to say, online shopping is racing ahead. Bargains in retail stores are hard to come across to, as most of the stores have fixed prices. However, with most of the market taking a plunge in the digital ocean, the concept of value shopping is gaining more popularity as the prospects of the same are ever-increasing. What do you think? Are you a Value Shopper? Do you prefer retail stores to online ones? Tell me in the comments below! Until next time, Be kind to one another!

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