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The Language of Marwar | Essays On Jodhpur

‘Khamma ghani sa, padharo mhare desh.’
Hello, welcome to my land, Marwar, and welcome to essays on Jodhpur. This essay focuses on the beauty and charm of the language of Marwar.

khamma ghani essays on jodhpur rajasthan marwari
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The Language of Marwar

Words immersed in a sincere sweetness, painted with kingly honour and grace, form the language of this princely state of Rajasthan, Marwar. If you’ve ever been addressed with a ‘Sa’, you’ve met a Marwari!

The language of Marwar is Marwari, essentially a dialect of the Rajasthani language, mostly spoken in the Jodhpur (Marwar) region. Although, over time and generations, Hindi and English have become the main languages spoken by the people of Jodhpur, a stubborn lot of Marwaris still hold on to their heritage, the language, Marwari. Marwari is also spoken in parts of Gujarat, Haryana and Eastern Pakistan. 

While the younger generation may deem it funny, this language is filled with immeasurable love and mystical charm that attracts anyone subject to it. The city folk take pride in their ability to speak English, the common folk still revel in the beauty of their native language.

 essays on jodhpur rajasthan marwari language
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Common phrases in Marwari-

1. Hello and Goodbye – Ram Ram Sa
2. Asking forgiveness/Forgive me – Khamma Ghani Sa (Loosely used as a greeting for elders) 
3. How are you? – Kai haalchal hai/Kikar ho sa?
4. Fine/Good, thank you. – Theek/Badhiya, aabhaar
5. Thanks- Dhanyawaad

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Some popular Marwari idioms-

1. अक्कल बड़ी के भैंस?
(Akal badi ya bhains?)
Knowlegde dominates mere strength.

2. उल्टो चोर कोतवाल नै डांटै  
(Ulta chor kotwal ne daatein)
Blaming others knowing that you’re in the wrong.

3. कुए मैँ पड़कर सूको कोई भी निकलै ना 
(Kuien mein padkar sukho koi bhi nikle na)
You’ll reap what you sow.

You can check out more idioms here.

khamma ghani essays on jodhpur rajasthan marwari
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In my household, the language is still prevalent and among several people I know, Marwari is an everyday tongue. While conversing with the elderly, we often use Marwari, and it’s endearing to see their reaction to us speaking it. On the other hand, it’s also disheartening to see how people are forgetting their roots just to be in league with the world. Half the youngsters would shy away if asked to speak Marwari and the other half would nonchalantly pronounce their lack of knowledge of the same.
Unfortunately, Marwari doesn’t possess the label of an official language, but some of the passionate folks are trying their best to help it get recognised as an official language in Rajasthan. 

How do you preserve a language? By speaking it.

‘The Language of Marwar | Essays On Jodhpur’ is an essay in the series ‘Essays on Jodhpur‘.

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