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Ways To Correct Your Vision If You Have Refractive Errors

Ways To Correct Your Vision If You Have Refractive Errors

This might be the very first time when you feel like getting your eyes checked because the blurry vision is hampering your day-to-day routines. Well, maybe your blurry vision calls for surgical help as basic eye drops will do you no good. At that time, the ophthalmologist will ask you to head towards laser eye surgery for quality results.

Now, searching the vast internet world will let you come across various types of laser eye surgery. Depending on your needs and the pocket-friendly budget, you can move towards one particular choice. Let’s focus on those points first.

Ways To Correct Your Vision If You Have Refractive Errors
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Learn about laser surgery first:

Before you proceed further to learn about the types of laser eye surgery, it is essential to understand the basic meaning. Also called laser vision correction, this surgical process is called the refractive method in medical terms.

  • From the time this method came into place, it has evolved drastically within the last couple of years. It has given birth to so many types of laser eye surgery already.
  • The main principle behind this treatment is to reshape the eye’s cornea with a laser for correcting vision errors.
  • It can permanently handle astigmatism, Hyperopia, or Myopia and its risk factors towards a larger scale.

The categorization to follow:

There are numerous procedures available under laser treatment, which makes it pretty confusing among the masses. But you have four major types of laser eye surgery to focus on. Those are:

  • PRK
  • Bladeless Lasik
  • Lasik SMILE

Why SMILE is the best option among the lot:

Among the four significant options, SMILE is always the primary choice to consider, and for many reasons. When it comes to PRK, the level of pain is towards the higher scale. The same goes for the Lasik treatment. Even the corneal strength and recovery stages will get compromised in these two methods.

There isn’t much pain to address with the bladeless Lasik options like Contoura Vision, Intralase, Femto Lasik, and more, and the recovery process is also quite early. But you can’t say good words about the corneal strength compromise. Similarly, there will be some flap-based complications and risks involved with long-term trauma risk.

But, the SMILE method will always provide top-notch results, minus the complications and risks involved. 

  • The process is fast and pain-free. 
  • It will not compromise the corneal strength to any bit. 
  • Even the recovery process is pretty fast, which is a plus point. 
  • Patients won’t be suffering from that flap-based complications, and there isn’t any long-term trauma involved. 
  • As a result, you will get a good vision in no time.

So, next time you are planning to choose one method from various types of laser eye surgery, you know which option to address. SMILE is provided by well-trained and highly experienced ophthalmologists, who have already given a new vision to thousands of patients. So, helping you out with a clear vision is not that hard!

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