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Break the ‘Fairness’ Stereotype with Banjara’s Proud Of My Colour Campaign

Banjara to break the ‘fairness’ stereotype with its bold new campaign
~A campaign against colour bias~

The Indian obsession with fair skin dates back to several centuries. The innate implication was that if you have fair skin, you are somewhat superior to others. The quest for fair skin and the negative bias to dark skin happens right from birth and reaches its peak during the marriageable age. Girls are told that they will not get a good husband if they are dark or asked to try for various remedies to make their skin fair.

Taking a stance against the perception “fair skin is only beautiful”, Banjara’s; a natural cosmetic brand conceptualized and supports social movement #Proud of My Color. The campaign aims to change the perception that fair skin does not mean beauty and that the focus of skin products should be on healthy skin and not skin lightening. Along with the launch of the campaign Banjara also highlighted the benefits of their newly launched skin wellness range ‘Skin Positive’.

As a cursor to Proud of My Color, a short film was created that focused on how most often the pressure to be “fairer” began at home. The film captured the concerns and apprehensions that older family members have about skin colour, especially when it comes to their daughter’s marriage. The film till date has garnered 3 million views and continues to attract attention.

Commenting on the communication objective, Ramesh Vishwanathan, Managing Director, Banjara’s said, “We wanted to change the perception that beauty is beyond fair skin. A woman should feel gorgeous in her natural skin color. The focus of skin products should be on making the skin quality and making it healthy and not skin lightening. The highlight of these short films is to educate people to get over their unhealthy obsession about fairness.”

Proud of My Color, has built a Facebook community of over 2 lakhs and has received support by celebrities like Padma Lakshmi, Actor & Writer; Renuka Shahane, Actor; Radhika Nair, Model; Nidhi Sunil, Model; Jane De Suza, Author to name a few.  

Links to the Facebook Page

About Banjara’s
Banjara’s brings a touch of nature in people’s life to make them look and feel beautiful with the best effective hair and skin care products. Banjara’s products are available across 60000 outlets all over south India and prominent modern trade chains as well as e-commerce sites. From a humble beginning of just 6 different herbal beauty powders the portfolio is now 60 products strong. Banjara’s is a sponsor of ‘Proud of my colour’ movement and endeavors to launch products and campaigns with focus on healthy skin and not skin lightening.

About Proud of my Colour
Proud of My Colour is a crowd-sourced, volunteer led movement that provides a platform to celebrate the inspirational stories of people who have not allowed the colour of their skin or existing bias against it to affect their lives.. Proud of My Colour, has built a community of about 2 lakhs+ supporters and has received support by celebrities like Padma Lakshmi, Actor & Writer; Renuka Shahane, Actor; Radhika Nair, Model; Nidhi Sunil, Model; Jane De Suza, Author etc.


Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.


  1. Sara imes

    Great post…it is wonderful that this is happening everyone is beautiful no matter what their skin color is…thanks for spreading the word

    Great post and writing

    25 . Jun . 2016

    Such a wonderful advertisement this one. I hope more people see it this way.

    01 . Jul . 2016
  3. Radhika Mundra

    I know, right? Thanks for sharing your views, Sara! Enjoy your Sunday! xx

    03 . Jul . 2016
  4. Radhika Mundra

    Right, I hope so too! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    03 . Jul . 2016
  5. rajlakshmi

    wow this is such a beautiful advertisement!! thank god the mindset is changing now… the fair and lovely adds were so demeaning!! thanks for sharing.

    03 . Jul . 2016
  6. vishal bheeroo

    It's hard warming to see companies coming and changing perception by breaking stereotyping on our flawed idea of beauty. Thanks for sharing, Radhika:)

    03 . Jul . 2016
  7. Alana

    In my country (the United States), as much as we discriminate against people with dark color, we also have light colored people going to artificial tanning booths, tanning themselves in the sun to get "a good tan" or putting on artificial coloring creams that turn the skin orange.

    03 . Jul . 2016
  8. Radhika Mundra

    I feel the same, Rajlakshmi! Thanks for sharing your views.

    04 . Jul . 2016
  9. Radhika Mundra

    True, Vishal. Finally the mindset is changing and companies are turning their resources into sending out the right message.

    04 . Jul . 2016
  10. Radhika Mundra

    I know, Alana, I have seen that culture. What a world it would be without colour bias? I wonder.

    04 . Jul . 2016
  11. Parul

    Oh wow! I did not know about this campaign. Thanks for sharing and so good that a company is attempting such non-stereotypical messaging.

    05 . Jul . 2016
  12. Hugh Bembridge

    Excellent. Very interesting and informative. This issue of lightening the skin color also exists in other parts of the world. Perhaps, we need more Banjaras. TY.

    18 . Jul . 2016
  13. The Solitary Writer

    Well some things stay with us from our birth. Trying to change the skin complexion through use of these fairness cream is only helping them make a fool of yourself. One should be proud of their skin complexion.. Black or Fair.. Pink or wheatish. Always be proud

    16 . Sep . 2016

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