Online Gifts Store Review: | Your Ideal Gifting Solution

I take pleasure in the joy of gifting way more than I should, so, every once in a while, I splurge a little on myself, and I make sure to look at it with no regrets. I keep looking at things to buy here and there, and lately, I’m obsessed with Pinterest and Instagram. Even … [Read more…]

How to Save While Shopping Fashion Online

The revolution of online e-commerce had taken everything to a whole new level. There is literally nothing you can’t get from the online market. From books to shoes, clothes to accessories, electronics to furniture, everything. And in all of this, fashion, as usually, is blooming like you’d never believe. Due to the busy schedules, the … [Read more…]

My Zapstore: The Story Behind It!

My Zapstore: The Story Behind It! Zapstore is your personalised e-commerce store, that helps you earn rewards when people buy from your store. Now, the question arises about what you’d sell? You can list the products from your favorite e-commerce store to your zapstore, i.e.e be it Flipkart or Amazon or be it clothing or … [Read more…]

Ferns N Petals – Your Perfect Guide to Online Gifting

Ferns N Petals – Your Perfect Guide to Online Gifting Gifting is an art of capturing the right emotion. With the festive season around the corner, buy gifts for that special occasion from Ferns N Petals. Selecting a gift for your loved ones can be a time-consuming task and quite often we postpone the purchase … [Read more…]

Jabong Website Review: My Shopping Experience! Ever since I bought T-shirts for my father, he complains that why didn’t I bring more! 😛He was not much of a T-shirt person until I bought some for him. So I decided to order one for him. From my earlier posts, you must be aware of my obsession of shopping online so how … [Read more…]

Quikr Nxt – No Fikar, Chat Quikr!!

A few days back, I, with some of my friends played a prank on one of our close friends who was not ready to take out time from her busy schedule to hang out with us. The prank led to incessant phone calls on her number for buying a brand new iPhone 6 at a … [Read more…]

A melodious purchase! #Shopquikr :D

My #Shopquikr experience! 😊 As I popped in the first Pani puri, my phone started ringing. I told my sister it must be mom calling to tell us to be home on time. She inadvertently brought the phone out of the car and told me that it’s some unknown number. At first, I thought it must … [Read more…]