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The Imperiled Male Fraternity…!

For the Female Sorority – You may not like what you read ahead but this is the bitter truth. 

The way the today’s daily soaps are turning a new leaf is quite surprising. A day before while watching one of the recently aired soaps, a dialogue between the leads intrigued me. The female said, ‘There is only one person who suffers on being molested and that’s the female.’ That’s apt in the case she said, but this ain’t an irrevocable truth. 
The point where the Males suffer is when they are planted upon by the female. The manner in which the society works is, ”Punish the rapist such that another fears to make an attempt. Look indifferntly over the victim in person but support them publically.” 
A male being maneuvered by a female will be helpless in any situation what-so-ever until being proved impeccable. 

For an instance, follow this story. 
A girl walks in for an interview in a reputed corporate office. There is the boss sitting and the office boy standing at the rear of the table. 
She leaves her number after the interview to be called upon if chosen. 
Later on, in the odd hours, a man comes by to make a call. He seems helpless. The boss isn’t in the office. The office boy allows him to make the call and leaves to get him a glass of water. The man makes the call and leaves without waiting for the office boy to return. 
Next day, the office is swarmed in by a group of people. The girl that was interviewed was present there with her parents and their lawyer. She accused the office boy of calling her the other day  and telling her that if she would submit to his sexual needs she will be appointed. The family threatens the boss with a suit to which he is vulnerable. The office boy swears himself clean and the boss trusts him as he has been a trustworthy employee for 6 years. There were no cameras, hence no footage in the boy’s defence. Now if the girl files a suit on the boss, then his reputation will turn to ashes. If he has to stop them to file the suit, he has to pay them big time to keep their lips pursed. Meanwhile, if he sticks on the truth and fights the case in the court, the time till the case is over, he will be looked upon as the culprit, the reason being, they are the males. There is nothing, the boy or the boss can do until they have some solid evidence of being clean. 
Now, the truth is, the man that came in the other day called the girl, who is, in truth sent by the girl herself. This being a money making idea, applied by her and her family. 

Now when such circumstances come up, what is left of the man? Who are they going to reach to? Everyone will look upon him as the culprit, even i will, but is that correct? Obviously it ISN’T. How to stop this? I dont know! 
What i know is that this isn’t the way things should be. Why doesn’t a male gets to put forth his part of the story, when the girl screams about her respect being ripped apart. The males are left in a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. I had to do my part to let you all know about the perptual injustice being suffered by the men. May this note provide you a better insight to the path of justice and help you in choosing your side before raising a finger. ✌

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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