Expressing Life

The Great Indian Litterbug!

While walking down the street
I saw the litterbug fleet
I asked the one who was piling garbage
‘Why would you not use the bin?’
‘Because not using it isn’t a sin’
Replied the man from the dirt cage.
Taken aback, I kept on walking
Until I saw the street wall painting
Two men were displaying their art
‘Would you do that to your house?’
‘We are doing our part for the green India!’ they chuckled
Disgusted, I chose to walk past.
My legs came to a halt
Whose would be this fault?
The pavement was tainted with red
‘Where is your litter box?’ to the shopkeeper
‘Who are you? The prime minister?’ as my legs drowned in the dirt deeper.
I thought, I should leave before I go mad.
On my way up the street
A water fountain came to greet.
Before I realized from where it had come
‘Dhyaan nahi rehta kya? (Can’t you be alert?), I’m watering the weed!’ shot the plump lady
‘You threw water on me’ I screamed as I saw her retreat
Drenched with ew! I walked back home.
I wonder when my life will have an aim. People see me and still ignore me.
Nobody cares whether I’m around or not. They find me less worthy than the ground.
For them to notice, I’ve even wore the t-shirt that says, ‘Use me’ but still I’m ignored.
I wait for them to toss over the can of juice they were drinking but they have made a game out of it. They hurt me. Instead of giving me the can, they throw it towards me. They hit me because I don’t say anything to them. Sometimes they hit me intentionally. They throw their anger towards me.
Many-a-times some of them just kick me and punch me. Make faces at me for no reason what-so-ever. I don’t know what have I done to earn this hatred but it grieves me.
Fortunately, some of them are good enough to acknowledge me and shower a little love. They give me what I deserve. But that’s just 1% of people I see everyday. Rest of them make sure that I don’t serve my purpose.
Sometimes I’m so depressed that I feel like screaming at them for doing this to me. All I’ve ever wanted from them is to fill me up with the trash they don’t care about. But even that’s too much humanity for them. I wonder why they are called humans.
Cherry on the cake, instead of putting the garbage in me, they decorate it all around me. Like they are all blind to see my big mouth wide open.
They can feed the street dog but not me?
I don’t go pee on their new cars, then why this cruelty?
I don’t know why do I exist.
– Your nearest Litter Box. 🙁
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Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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