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Building Against Bullying #1000Speak- ‘The Girl With An Accent’

‘The Girl With An Accent’ – Building Against Bullying #1000Speak

Last month over 1000 bloggers from all around the world spoke on Compassion,#1000Speak, to make a difference, however small. They spoke to affect positive change and to instil hope. To get the message out that the world still cares. Is it surprising then that it was a great success? So #1000speak is back again this month to speak about compassion with the spotlight being on Building from Bullying.

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‘The Girl With An Accent’

New friends, new country, time to say goodbye
Hoping for adventures, she didn’t cry
Dancing with joy, she left for the new school
‘The First Day’, wishing it to be cool
Everybody seemed fun, in as she walked
Hell broke loose the minute she talked
All of them smiled, when they saw her first
‘Hi, I’m…’ as she spoke, into laughter they burst
Alone she sat on the corner most chair
Murmurs all around her, life wasn’t fair
The girl with an accent‘ became the talk of the town
Being stared at everywhere, she felt like a clown
The last bell rang, she sighed with relief 
Tears pouring down, she lost her belief
She told her mommy, ‘I want to go back!’
‘What is it baby girl?’ as she refused her tea and snack(s)
‘I feel like an outcast!’ under her breath she muttered
‘Calm down honey, it’s just the first-day jitters.’
Taking her advice, once more she strived
People mocked her, every day she cried
Three weeks later, she was taken in for depression
She told her story, in the psychiatric session
Her mother was aghast, she made a decision fast
My daughter is broken, but I’ll make her strong, 
She has to be brave, she will face the wrong.
‘Please take me home, I don’t like it here..’
‘We’ll get you through it, I’ll take care.’
‘I don’t want to go there, nobody likes me..’
‘Don’t lose faith sweetheart, you are the pearl of the sea.’

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They laugh when I speak, they think I’m a freak..

Don’t be shy, they know you’re different, they know you’re unique!’ 
‘I don’t want to be different, I want to be friends!’
‘Be proud of who you are love and they’ll make amends!’
‘Are you sure it’ll work, I don’t want to cry anymore..’
‘Don’t be afraid, speak your heart and mind, and let them see you score!’
‘I love you, mommy, you’re my best friend!’
‘Love you too baby, for yourself you should stand!’
She accepted she was unique and owned up her nature
She started to be herself, now the mockery wasn’t a torture
The school was in awe, of the girl they now saw
She was bold, she was smart, it was hard to find a flaw
The cherry on the cake- she had a cool accent
With her mother by her side, she enjoyed in the present…!

Prejudicial Bullying- (Source- 6 types of Bullying)

Prejudicial bullying is based on prejudices tweens and teens have toward people of different races, religions or sexual orientation. This type of bullying can encompass all the other types of bullying as well including cyberbullying, verbal bullying, relational bullying, physical bullying and sometimes even sexual bullying.

When prejudicial bullying occurs, kids are targeting others who are different from them and singling them out. Often times, this type of bullying is severe and can open the door to hate crimes.

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Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.


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  • Bullying is legit. I am SO glad that my kids schools are super strict about it. It doesn’t happen there at all.

  • such a heartfelt post. Made me really emotional. ‘Be proud of who you are love and they’ll make amends!’ was the best part. Thank you for sharing!

  • Thank you for being a part of this project. I wasn’t even aware this was happening last month. I hope this issue gets the attention is so deserves. I don’t think people speak out enough, as they don’t see it being such a large issue when it doesn’t affect them personally. Those abused are often so cornered that the only hope is for someone else to speak out and help them.

  • I will check this out for sure. It’s a shame bullying still goes on. I always remind my kids to be kind to everyone.

  • It is so sad to me the amount of bullying that goes on in our schools. I always remind my son to be kind. If I ever heard of him bullying someone, this momma would flip out!

  • What a great way to spread the word and educate about bullying. Thank you for information and poem.

  • Such a nice post. I hope bullying will be lessen. Words of encouragement must be given to some victims of bullying. Also awareness must be spread out to avoid bullying to happen in schools since its where mostly happens.

  • I really hope that with all the effort that we are pouring into bullying, it would finally end. But we have a long way to go and I hope that it will eventually stop.

  • A very touching post. Bullying is a major problem in our society (not just in kids). It is not limited to one part of our life. I hope this problem is flushed out of our system as kids at young age are affected in a very negative way because of it. I hope the way Doctors are finding cures to dangerous and life threatening diseases, they find out a cure for bullying also.

  • I guess my story would be that I have never really seen bullying first hand. Kids will be mean of course, but that’s just part of growing up and what makes us stronger as adults! (We definitely can’t be sheltered our whole lives that’s for sure.) It saddens me when I see kids that are so frail hurt themselves because of other kids being mean to them.

  • It is heartbreaking to know that so many children endure bullying on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing this information so we can all have conversations, and hopefully inspire change.

  • This is a heartfelt post about a difficult and important topic. It’s amazing to see how differently people are treated across the world depending on so many different factors and how quickly it can turn into bullying. Thank you for speaking out.

  • Oh, this reminds me of my childhood days too. I hope that all schools should really not tolerate this kind of action. This has a huge impact to everyone’s self-esteem/confidence.

  • The poem is really beautiful .I’m glad you spoke out on such an important subject in such artistic way. LEt’s all keep growing the awareness.

  • Bullying …hopefully one day it stops. It is devastating to someones self worth to being bullied.

  • bullied a lot of times because of our economic status in life when I was young, but glad I have my Mom to support me and guide me, I have been strong enough through those tough moments of my youth

  • A wonderful heartfelt AND thought-provoking post. Thank you for speaking out and taking action against this. Bullying happens every where and at all levels – even in the office space – there it is called mobbing. Glad that there are groups who speak out about this

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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