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Power Of Thoughts: Destroying Vs Saving

Power Of Thoughts: Destroying Vs Saving

The topic I want to discuss is not as easy as it seems. Hence, I’ll start with a story:  

Once upon a time, a woodcutter arrived in a wealthy kingdom. The land was ruled by a generous and loved emperor. The woodcutter had brought with himself a huge stack of sandalwood that he aimed to sell. There had been an announcement that if and when the King dies, sandalwood would be used to make his pyre. Now, usually people didn’t buy much of sandalwood because it was expensive, so the woodcutter started hoping that the King dies soon. He prayed every day that the king should die so that he can sell his wood and make money. 


Meanwhile, in the palace, the King was taken severely sick. So, the King ordered his nobles to inform the citizens that he was sick and may not survive. The people were devastated upon hearing the news. The words spread and came to the hearing of the woodcutter. He was happy but felt a little void in himself for causing trouble to so many people because he believed that it was because of him that the king was on his death-bed. Although he felt a little evil, but he was happy about his upcoming income opportunity.

However, there came a hurdle in his success in the form of a tax. He was told that he had to pay a tax being an outside seller and the amount of tax was high because the King focused on exports and charged the imports heavily. He had only sold a few bundles from his stack, but the charge was very high. The penalty for breaking the law or escaping the tax liability was a lifelong serving time in prison. He shared his worry with a local woodcutter. The local woodcutter told him that our King is a kind man. If you request to him, he can relax your tax burden. The woodcutter, ashamed of his thoughts, accepted his advice.

The next day, the woodcutter went to the palace but was denied any help because the King was sick and the nobles didn’t think that the tax burden on him was high. Although he was denied any relaxation in his tax amount, the time for payment was relaxed. Hence, he was given an extension of 10 days to pay the tax.

He went back to his woodcutter friend and narrated to him, the details of his hearing. His friend sympathized with him and told him that had the King been well, he would have relaxed your tax amount, for the generous being he was. After a little chat, he walked back home with a guilty conscience.

Once he reached his rented cottage, he asked forgiveness to God for being so selfish. He was having a difficult time, but he decided to be strong and went out again to sell his wood, as much as he could.

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Three days passed. He hadn’t sold much. However, he never forgot to send a prayer for the King’s well being. Later one day, he went to see his friend. The local told him that a renowned saint has come to cure the King with his knowledge of medicines. There were chances that the King would be able to take up the reign again. He was happy beyond measures on hearing this news.
He went home with a happy face and prayed again for the King’s good health.

A day later, he heard an announcement. The saint that had come to cure the King needed some medicinal herbs which include Neem, Nilgiri (Eucalyptus) and Chandan (Sandal). Anyone who would provide them would be heavily rewarded when the King regains health. He was amazed at the turn of events and sent a quick prayer for the King’s health before going out. As soon as he said he had sandalwood, he was out of stock. All the stacks of sandal that he had were taken away by the King’s men and used to cure the King. He had decided that he will ask for the relaxation of his tax burden as a reward.

Soon enough, the king regained health and addressed the public. A wave of relief passed through the kingdom. Now, it was time for rewarding the woodcutter. He was called upon by the king. When asked about what he wanted, he replied as he had decided earlier. The king was surprised at his honesty. He asked him the whole story and the same was narrated. He told the king that he had only one day left to pay off the tax, but he didn’t have enough money. The king, impressed by his demand and his honesty rewarded him with a bag of gold over and above the huge sum in exchange for the herb. Enough money to pay his taxes for staying in this city for a lifetime. Overnight, he became super famous. The king offered him a job in his kingdom which he graciously accepted.
That day, he went back to his cottage and thought about the bizarre happenings of his days in the city. He realized that wanting to harm someone landed him in a trouble whereas the opposite got him what he needed. 

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Did you guess the moral? 

No, it’s not about the ‘Law of Attraction’, i.e., if you want something to happen wholeheartedly, it will happen.

It’s about how a human has the power to affect another human just by thinking ill of him. The King had nothing to do with the woodcutter, he didn’t even know him, yet the power of his negative thinking affected him severely. Why did he do that? Just to sell his wood? Does that even make sense? Is praying for a person’s death just so that you can earn a few bundles justified? I can assure you, such money would never give you or anybody in the world, any happiness. All the underworld dons, corrupt politicians, corporates or even individuals that earn money in exchange of someone’s blood, live a life that is always under death threat.

Sometimes, we have a motive behind hurting someone, i.e., an old fight, a patient revenge or just about anything. Even though, there is nothing that you would gain from that revenge, the satisfaction of taking the revenge makes you feel victorious. But, not swaying from the subject, this is not what I aim to discuss today.

Many a times, we have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with that person, still we end up sending negativity to his/her life. A single demeaning laugh, without any reason, makes the life of the other person, a living hell. Sometimes, we, unintentionally end up taunting someone who goes into depression for that ONE stupid word. We may never see that person again because MAYBE he/she isn’t alive to be seen again.

We don’t realize the power of words. We laugh at our friends all the time, but we never know what those words do to them. Even without saying such things on their face, the negativity reaches those people.

How hard is it to accept that people are different? Nobody can be like you or you, other than you. There is a reason why we were born of different parents and that we different genes. We were never meant to be like each other. How boring would the world be if all the people in the world had the same face? How competitive and complex life would have been if we all had the same thinking?
Even though there is something really unacceptable about someone, who you find is unignorable, know this thing very clearly, they are not yours to accept. Who the hell are you? Calling someone names, teasing them may end up making them insecure about themselves.

Studies show that girls have this dangerous power, that can make another girl feel like an animal. Girls often end up giving other girls an inferiority complex. It has been noticed that almost every school, every grade has a pair of cool, mean girls, loved by all in public, but hated/envied in private. They don’t just get this image by the cool wardrobe they own, but because of their behavior with their peers. A new girl came, you start judging her on her apparel, her accessories, her hairdo and what not! A single remark can change somebody’s life. Movies like ‘Mean Girls’, ‘Legally Blonde’ etc are a perfect example of the cause we are talking about. Sometimes, they do so to express their superiority and sometimes just to let that person know, who’s the boss.

Similarly, the cool boys often enslave the geek or the nerd, that is the normal humans who do what they like and excel at it, with the undue power they have due to the inferiority complex suffered by their class fellow. Bullying, teasing, making fun, beating, ragging are all the forms of having fun for these so called bunch of ‘cool’ guys. 

These acts, in both the cases, are often used as a defense mechanism against the person who seems as a potential threat to the former. I know it’s hard, but it’s time we all accept that everybody has a different style, a different way of living which might be different from ours and is not ours to judge.
Mocking someone, behind their back, just for the sake of being cool is inclusive of this activity. 

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Similarly, a good thought for anybody would return to you in the form of good, irrespective of when, where and how. We all should remember that if a single word holds the power of ruining someone’s life, it holds the power of making it too. We might not be as humble as we should be, but a single apology can mean the world to someone. A word of appreciation can make a person’s day, fill them with joy, unbound. Thankfulness should be expressed, as and when required, as and when possible. A thank you has the power to change the whole equation, whole relation you have with a person. Repeating once again, when it was quoted that ‘pen is mightier than the sword‘, it wasn’t a joke. A single bad review can ruin a company’s sales. An insult can induce someone to end their life. Similarly, a good review can result in a substantial increase in a company’s sales. A good vibe can fill someone with positivity in the times of despair and show them a ray of hope.
Yes, it’s true, we reap what we sow.

Sow the seeds of goodness, so that you can reap love and happiness. 

Sow the seeds of hatred, you’ll be the owner of a huge tree of insults, complaints, pain and sorrow, that will grow and no matter what you try, you won’t be able to cut it unless you get rid of your inner hatred and the bad vibes.  

I, myself, am no saint. I have often indulged in such activities as mentioned above and I take no pride in it. Life taught me the lesson before I could do any damage. Yes, I’m not saying that the light playful banter with your friends is bad. I’m saying that to take it to a level that the other person gets uncomfortable, is bad; actually not bad, worst is the appropriate word. If sometimes things go over the top, don’t hesitate in apologizing. Use the same mouth you used to speak out those insults and foul jokes to make an apology, to utter a sorry. It’s hard, I know, but it’s not impossible. Next time when such mean jokes try to escape your mouth, ask yourself one simple question that are you so insecure that you need to make someone look bad to make yourself look good? 


Hope that the time you spend reading this was worth. Share your views and similar experiences in the comment box. I would love to hear the story of your war that you fought with words.

Thanks for your patience.

Story Credits: This story is based on a story that I had read in a newspaper as a child, a long time back. Happened to remember the moral so recreated it on the same lines. Hence, the idea is borrowed but the story is mine.


Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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