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Top 10 Best Gifts for Women

Top 10 Best Gifts for Women

Being a woman, I can understand the emotional turmoil you go through while choosing a gift for us because it’s possibly the second hardest thing in the world to figure out because it’s end motive is to please a woman which is, without a doubt, the hardest thing in the world to do. Period.

So, I decided to do a good deed today and have jotted down for you the list of 10 best gifts you can present to the woman in your life which are sure to make her happy! Not only will these gifts ensure that your female counterpart is pleased, but also help you to strengthen your bonding with her.

Whatever be the occasion, be it a birthday or a ‘Just like that’ gift, I’m sure this guide will do the wonders for you!

Now you may go forth!

1. A Meal Cooked By You.

Doesn’t matter if your masterpiece turns out to be the best, burnt piece of food, the moment you set foot in the kitchen and used that spatula for stirring the contents in the pot, you had her heart. Still, I’d recommend you to try your best not to burn it.


2. Purchasing that Thing they Eyed when they Left the Shop.

You know what eventually got Rachel and Ross together? That pearl brooch Rachel eyed when she was passing by a shop and Ross got it for her. See? If they can happen, so will you!

3. Bake the Cake.

So you want to make the occasion special? All you gotta do is BAKE THAT CAKE!


4. Take/Send them on a Vacation.

Take impromptu vacations or gift them a girlfriend getaway because why should guys have all the fun? Every woman needs an outing with her girlfriends and if you actually arrange that for her, I’m telling you, you are in their good books!

5. Give Them the Gift of Self-defense.

It’s your duty to help her in becoming self-dependant and this effort of yours would be greatly rewarded.

Enroll her into a Self-defense class and make sure that any eve-teaser who has the audacity to make her mad doesn’t escape without this reaction-

6. A Day at the Spa/Salon

Every woman deserves to have a day off and relax into grooming her body and YOU are going to arrange that for her. Trust me, it’ll be worth it!


7. A Day as Their Favorite Literary or Movie Character

Be it Cinderella or Elizabeth Bennett, let the lady live a day in the fantasy world and enjoy the show!

8. The Basic: ‘A Card and Flowers’

Get a bouquet and a beautiful card, enough to make a day. Unless you can be like the Great Gatsby, then always be like the Great Gatsby –
If you get this look after the flowery affair, know that you’ve nailed it!

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9. A Little Surprise Every Hour of the Day

Who doesn’t love a little something every other moment? A little pack of surprise is enough to make a day. Imagine the wonders you’ll do when you’ll shower several such surprises over the day!

10. The Gift of Choice

Even if you take the best of advices you can never be sure if they’ll like what you packed in that little-big package. Be on the safer side and take them shopping!


Hope this list will help you please the woman in your life and make your effort count!

Ladies, do leave a comment about what would be the best gift among the above for you.

Gentlemen, do leave a comment about how this list helped you out!

Do share it with you near and dear ones!

Would love to hear your thoughts! 

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.


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