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Christmas Greetings with a Contest!


With more than half of the world celebrating, I bring you the season’s greetings folks,
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! Sending you all bundles of love and joy, for Christmas is the season of giving and I take absolute pleasure in doing the same.

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This is not just another Christmas wish you receive, it’s different, and here’s why:

I have partnered with the brand I trust with home furnishings in my house, House This! and my Mother concurs, to bring for you a contest that’ll help you enhance your Christmas cheer and welcome the New Year with a lot more joy!

House This! understands that your home deserves the best and brings you something unique and defining. Be it gifting or otherwise, House This! provides an excellent collection of home furnishings from bed linen to curtains and floor mats.

Saving you some holiday shopping, I bring for you a contest through which you can win a hamper worth INR 1000/ USD 15.12 from Jabong’s House This! just by answering a few questions!

About the Brand – House This!:

House This brings together years of experience in the manufacture of home fashions and a young and innovative design team to curate the most fashionable products for home. 

House This aims to take India’s rich handicrafts and textile traditions to people the world over with its enriching portfolio comprising of bed linen bath table and kitchen linen. Focusing on innovative designs that are aesthetic and functional; designs that cater to many different segments while having a unique identity House This has become the preferred choice in the realm of quality home furnishings. House This creates products that reflect the nuances and quirks of every individual’s persona products that have been inspired by real human emotions and hence feel like extensions of an individual. House This! has something for everyone right from the investment banker to the artist.

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The Contest:

Below is a set of questions that you have to answer and I urge you to answer them in the most creative manner:

  • 1. The Story of your life in 5 words.
  • 2. If you could wake up in a celebrity’s body for one day, who would that be?
  • 3. Would you rather have 10 years of excellent health or 30 years of average health?
  • 4. If given a chance, which is the one event/war you would want to visit that happened in the past?
  • 5. What is it that keeps you from accepting happiness fast and deserting sorrows faster?

    And finally, the cliché:

  • 6. If you were the President of your country, what would be the first thing you’d do?


  1. Answer all the questions in the comment box below. The winner will be chosen on the basis of the most creative answers.
  2. Do Not Copy! 
  3. The Contest ends on 31st December 2015 11:59 p.m. 
  4. Results will be declared on the first day of the next year. Haha, being dramatic, 1st January 2016.
  5. Share this contest on at least one of your social handles be it Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, whichever.
  6. The contest is open to all, no geographical constraints.

Keep checking this space, I plan to bring out a bonus!
Could be an Amazon voucher!


I know that you all must he waiting with bated breath to see the results. Unfortunately, the answers you guys wrote are beyond awesome to rule out the winners. Hence, it’ll take until tomorrow afternoon to declare the names of the lucky ones.

Please bear with me. Happy New Year to you all!


The wait is over and the results are here:

Jabong Gift Hamper: Karishma Maheshwari

Amazon Voucher worth INR 500: Alana Mautone
Surprise gift: Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
Please write to me through the contact form with your contact details and residential address to receive the prizes within 48 hours after which the prize will be transferred to the next best answer!

Congratulations to all the winners!
Many such contests

I hope this uplifts your holiday spirit and urges you to read my blog more often! (Yes, I just did that! :D) Put your creative cap on. I look forward to reading your answers!

I had a wonderful Christmas and would love to know how you celebrated it!
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead.

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Happy Holidays! 🙂
Be kind to one another!

Bye Bye!

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.


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  • 1. A life of no receiving
    2.Angelina Jolie
    3. 10 years of excellent health
    4. When Apollo 1 was launched
    5. I keep myself from accepting happiness fast and deserting sorrows faster
    6. I will ensure that the poor gets what they deserve by giving everyone a salary in a slidign scale.

  • A wonderful Giveaway and a Unique contest .
    Questions are quite interesting .
    My answers:
    1.Joyful , Adaptive , Challenging , Satisfying , Creative .
    2.Sania Mirza , Getting name and fame at a young age is itself a great thing .
    3.3o years of average health as I want to spend more time with my family , want to do lots of good things for others specially for my kids and for poor people , I want to bring Smile on many faces .
    4.Even given a chance I would like to visit World War II and stop dropping of atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki , one of the worst thing which ever happened which destroyed not only that generation but also the coming generations.
    5.Belief on Almighty is the thing that keeps me accepting happiness fast and deserting sorrows faster as every happy moment is a blessing of Almighty and shows our index of satisfaction and every moment of sorrow is a test from Almighty , which makes us stronger and we are ready to accept challenges in life , fight with them and emerge as a Winner.
    6.If I get a chance to be President of my Country the first thing I would do is to stop all crime against Women, as Each and every girl/women is special and they also have right to live fearlessly like men .

  • 1. Fascinate, Creative, Intelligent, Bold, Silent Achiever.
    2. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar! I am a great fan of his excellent perfection in both inside and off side the cricket ground!
    3. 30 Years of average health as average health does not mean poor health! ( I am not a superman so it is fine to have a health like a common man , it spares 20 years for me to spend more with my beloved ones !! )
    4. I wish, I could be the man to give company to Neil Armstrong when he put the first step on moon. (Or would be the first man to step out there on moon surface)!
    5. Music the only thing! That keeps me away from ups and downs of life. It heals my body and soul; I can sleep, study or write while listening to it any time. I am having a big- big collection of songs of almost all famous Indian singers including the old ones like Mukesh, Rafi , Lata , Kishore Da !
    6. If by fortunate I get a chance to become the first person of India my first priority will be to give zero cost computer education to all including children ! (Computer education is having a lot of potential to eradicate evils of society, helps in study, and can give employment too, even at the basic level ! )

  • Haha, thanks for you answers, Navneet! My answers will be up, soon!
    Yeah, a little more creativity would have been nice. You can try again, if you wish to!

    When you say you'd like to witness the formation of this Galaxy, that is good, I was expecting something like a war or revolution in the past eras! 😀

    And yes, my answers wouldn't be a part of this contest! 😛

  • Stepping on the moon sounds cool and Music is a good refuge. 😀
    Thanks for your wonderful answer, Sharad! Good luck for the contest!
    Please mention where you've shared the contest so that it complies with the rules. 🙂

  • 1. Fall and rise and survive.
    2. Prince William will be my choice. I get a palace,royalty, a hot wife, fame and fortune.
    3. I'd prefer good health for 10 years. I do not want to live long and suffer.
    4. Would like to witness the Dark Ages. Were there really witches burned at stake? And if they were witches, did they really attend a Hogwarts-like school or something?
    5. The idea that nothing stays the same forever.
    6. Duh! I'm gonna fill my pockets.

  • Will be sharing the contest on g+ and FB 🙂
    The answers to the questions are –
    1. Just Do It!
    2. If I get a chance to wake up as a celebrity who would it be – Ranveer Singh coz I would love to go around with Deepika Padukone the entire day.. 😉 The deewani – the mastani.. the nation's the heart-throb..
    3. I'd obviously prefer 30 years of an average health – why cut short life.. lets make it large.. 🙂
    4. I would definitely like to watch the formation of the Galaxy – the formation of the Earth and the frst person on the Earth – how and from where did they come from.. etc etc.. Still a MYTERY..!
    5. Acceptance – just accept and adapt to the current situation, you'd always have a happy heart and the sorrows won't bother you much.. 🙂
    6. Don't tell me – If I'd be the President of India – the first thing I'll do is to ensure all the power vests with me and I'll be the one travelling round the world and not the PMO of INDIA.. 🙂 I would definitely release a book – 5 years round the world..!!

    Gosh!! Was too tough being a CREATIVE person.. :p

  • 1) AMAZING !! 1 word is enough
    2) Dan Bilzerian
    3) 10 yrs of excellent health so than i can get drunk , get high and smash the lever and the kidneys out of me 😛 living good is a better alternative than living longer 🙂
    4) The war between both of us 😛
    5) the fact that we only live once but if we live it perfectly once is enough !! 🙂
    6) announce it on your blog .. kiddinng update my fb status – " THE BOSS "

  • 1.I think my name describes it perfectly – splendid, unabashed, radiant, amazing, jubilant..!!
    2. I would like to wake up in my body only, so that to know that how it feels to be a celebrity known by your own name and face…!! 😀
    3. I wish a life of 30 years of average health…so that I can tease at least 3 persons who opted for life of 10 years with good health in this contest, that it's so crazy living here, and see you are leaving this earth…!! 😀
    And by the time, would like to experience the whole bunch of drugs present…:D
    4. I would like to accompany Alexander, while he conquered major part of this earth…
    5. My own mind set…:D
    6. Finally, If I am the president of my country, immediately, I will order you to announce my name as winner of this contest, or else, i will declare this contest as void…!!
    😀 😀 😀 😀

  • 1.indulged in loneliness;faking happy.
    2.sure, it would be Taylor Swift because i want to be lost in fame and riches… my foolishness.
    3.30 years as I want to live longer instead of dying sooner. I don't want to create history.
    4.i want to visit the construction of Brihadeshwara temple because of it's peculiarities.
    5.I don't want to to live a sorrowful life forever.
    6.I will promote Indian arts and tradition as it is destroying faster and of course will make APJ sir's dream come true in 2020.

  • 1) Looser who is still trying.

    2) Rahul Gandhi. Who cares about brain when everything else is free and Mamma is around 🙂 😀

    3) 30 years of average health. I believe average is just underrated. If managed well, average can surpass excellence.

    4) Oct 1556, 2nd Panipat. To watch Hemu fighting. Most underrated King in our history.

    5) Music, Japaanese Animes, Quora keeps me moving. Besides, whatever happens are mostly result of my actions and reactions.

    6) Free Education. From kindergarten to PhD level, everything is free and stress on "hands-on" than book-exam pattern.

    I have shared the contest on G+ 🙂 Where is my prize??

  • 1. Learning for and from life

    2. Elon musk

    3.30 years of average health. Few things we require longer than better.

    4. Nikola Tesla working on ac induction motor.

    5.reading any self help book or stuffing quora,
    Any type of gratitude. education for all till
    UG and settlement of huge no of libraries with access 24*7

  • 1.My life in 5 Words:
    Unexpected twists at Right moments

    2.Celebrity : Of course it would be Superstar Rajnikanth. To wake up and watch that genuine love ,praise,adulation and affection showered on you by millions of people across the world is an out of the world experience

    3.I'd totally love every minute of my life living it. So given an option of 30 years of average health , why not just grab it than just 10 years of good health.Cos when you know you have 30 years instead of 10 years, you already start looking forward to life and living it, every millisecond of it

    4.I'd become the Indian ruler's chief advisor to prevent him from admitting the EastIndiaCompany to setup shop in India and thereby prevent the British rule of India

    5.Knowing fully well, that "This too will move on". Nothing may last forever. So is happiness and so does sorrow as well

    6. Being the president of the country, embrace freedom of speech laws and make it the most tolerant and free country in the world to lead a wonderful life.

    My mail id is : [email protected]

  • Haha, thanks for you answers, Navneet!
    I like these answers way better than the previous ones! 😀

    When you say you'd like to witness the formation of this Galaxy, that is good, I was expecting something like a war or revolution in the past eras!

    Good luck for the contest! 🙂

  • A bald man for Kate Middleton? WOW! 🙂
    The Dark Ages, eh? They intrigue me as well.
    Your pockets won't hold much, mean President! :/

    Thanks for your answers, Sumit!
    Good luck for the contest! 😀

  • A loser who keeps trying is the one who lives on to become the winner!
    Hahaha, Rahul Gandhi! I don't know man, I think you'll hate being him more than enjoying! 😀
    Anime, love them!

    Thanks for your answer, Sumukh!
    Good luck for the contest! 🙂

  • 1. Boring, loving, saddest, tredegic, amazing
    2. Salman khan cz apna kaam bnta bhaad m jaye jnta
    3. 30 years of averafe heath by then i can give happiness to others.
    4. I would like to be in the 8th class to fight with a one of my female frnd…in a kiding manner
    5. Music makes my mood.
    6. If i would me the president i would make the country exams free..

  • 1. A life full of Tragedies. (By the way Tragedy is the new cool :p)
    2. Vladimir Putin 😀 (no need to explain why)
    3. 30 years of average health. (Time is everything. Maybe in that 30 years a new invention would happen and these 30 years would be converted into 60 years :p)
    4. I want to visit at that event when India got independence. I want to feel the happiness of getting freedom.
    5. My positive mind. I take all the bad situations as a LOL to me :p
    6. I will remove reservation and restrict the usage of Facebook for students. Some more work also, but can't tell (its classified) :p
    Shared this on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • 1. I was thinking and wondering.
    2. Count Dracula – he is a very popular celebrity during the times of the dark even though the evil humans deny his existence; I shall inherit the immortality and will drink blood shake 😀
    3. Average health is good enough for me as long as that level is kept – I shall go with 30 with all my laziness.
    4. I would go to the 15th century to tell Vlad the Impaler that he is going to inspire stories of vampirism and it is awesome; we will also talk about the dragons. He had some interesting methods along with the war 😀
    5. I believe that death is the difference-maker; so I keep the rest there until Lady Death comes on a date with me 😀
    6. I shall add the word "vampiric" to the constitution and declare that all humans, vampires and zombies are equal 😛
    Shared it on G+ as you can see 🙂

  • 1. Interesting, different, educational, finally happy.
    2. The singer Tony Bennett. Old in body, young in spirit!
    3. 10 years of excellent health as that would take me to age 73…and then, hopefully, will be enough medical advances to give me another 20 years of excellent health.
    4. So much history, only one event? How about the first Easter Sunday?
    5. Lack of confidence.

    6. If I were the President of the United States, I would give a speech on national TV: This isn't a time to be afraid, or to tear us apart. We either work together, or we die.

  • 1.Simple yet interesting and enjoyable 🙂
    2. Shah Rukh Khan!! I love him as an actor and as a person too 🙂
    3. Obviously, 10 years of excellent health. It's not important how long you live, it's how much you live in that span 🙂
    4. I'd love to witness the era when the pyramids were still under construction. It'd let me know the ancient technology and technique and answer all my questions about it.
    5. A quality time spend with myself 🙂 I've learned that you are the one that can be your best friend! Besides that, my friends, books and music are the best mood setters 🙂
    6. There are countless things I'd like to change!! Mains are to remove corruption and poverty, environmental issues and the current education system!