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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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What to gift your Valentine— let’s hear it first for the ladies!                                  

The cardinal rule that keeps every relationship afloat is, ladies first! The men who are well acquainted with this fact are the happiest and are almost always at peace! Although, this week we aren’t going to talk about relationships; we are going to touch upon a subject that is way bigger than your everyday petty fights with your partner-in-crime!

Valentine’s Day is a subject that might perk your ears up! That’s right! We are bang in the middle of the Valentine Week, and if you haven’t already started shopping for your bitter-sweet partner, you’d better start immediately! ‘Else you might have to face the ire of your girlfriend. Now, coming to what you should gift her; that’s no real biggie! Gifts, perfumes, chocolates, cards, intimate lingerie, and lots of excuses to celebrate V-day together; it’s really easy to please girls! We aren’t that hard to crack. But our advice to all the guys out there would be to go that extra mile this Valentine, and show her how truly, madly and deeply you’re in love with her! So here’s how you can be her hero this V-day! Read through!

Jewelry that says ‘I love you’— great gifts for your girlfriend! 

You’ve seen her flash her earrings almost on every date! She loves her trinkets, and you love her! So why not gift her statement fashion jewelry this V-day? You are familiar with her tastes, and we are sure you can differentiate between a sophisticated ear stud and a pair of ornamental jhumkis! Pamper her with a unique necklace and give her all the reasons to shine and smile this V-day! A flawless, sterling silver ring wouldn’t harm your chances either! Go for it!

Valentine gifts for her—accessories for your amazing girlfriend! 

Do you remember complimenting her zillions of times on her stunning appearance? Well, no surprises there! Women know damn well how to accessorize their act! Try giving her a watch that has a distinctively contemporary air! A pair of coolly casual aviators and voguish designer bags would be pretty much appreciated as well!

 What to gift your Valentine—make some noise for the desi boys! 

Women usually don’t need any reminders when it comes to making their partner feel special! Since we are just a few days away from V-day, we hope the ladies have left no stone unturned and have great surprises lined up for their special someone! Men love to maximize on their wallets, watches, and easygoing shirts. So don’t overthink and give your man accessories that will keep you together for always!

Exciting gifts for your boyfriend— perfumes that will become a part of his aura! 

You just love the musky fragrance of cologne when your boyfriend hangs around you! The aura he exudes when he is in the vicinity is downright sexy! So why not gift him perfumes this V-day!? Seal your relationship with the scent of love and keep the chemistry going.

Valentine gifts for him—sweet surprises for your beau! 

You’ve worked on his look so many times! You’ve literally been his style guru on many occasions! So, naturally you ought not to let this opportunity go! Buy him so great shirts that he could probably wear to the office; give him the chance to wear your love on his sleeve! Great accessories for men are available online at e-commerce websites such as Trendy Tommy Hilfiger wallets for men are the smartest around; please your guy this V-day by gifting him one!

So peeps, the final tip: Keep each other happy, content, and spread some love this Valentine week! 

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.


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Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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