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Road Rage: The Mighty Rule Breakers!

Road Rage: The Mighty Rule Breakers!

Most of the times while driving, I amuse myself by coming up with way cooler replies than the ugly face I made topped with the deadly stare directed towards the people who think it’s my fault that they are unaware of the spoken as well as unspoken rules of the road. For me, road rage takes over and wears out in moments but sometimes, it just ruins the whole day thanks to the following: 


  • Like, of course, you can walk all over the road in slo-mo without caring about how a lot of vehicles are speedily heading towards your direction. 


  • Also, it’s my duty to stop the car when the distance that remains between us is easily less than the safe distance one is supposed to keep from other cars while driving and you decide to cross the road like a boss, of course with a hand raised to signal me to stop. Your signal is my command, my Lord. 

  • And then there is technology of course, texting, talking on the phone. All so convenient.

  • The guy who is still living his childhood dream and drives his bike like he came straight out of the video game, Road Rash. Like, sure dude, I totally understand why you’re driving like a maniac. Just have mercy on us, champ, mercy.

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  • Not to forget the daring act you pulled off for your roadies audition that I highly doubt you’d qualify, owing to the fact that it won’t be stupid enough for the show to take you on, of going against the traffic because you’re too cool to wait for your turn.

  • The incessant honking when you know the other person too is waiting for the vehicles ahead to move makes you stand out in the crowd as the jerk who’s adding to the frustration of others. 


  • Okay, this happens way to often. It’s like there is a secret fraternity that makes sure one of them is always there to get on my nerves when I need to get somewhere in a hurry.

i HATE it when this happens!:

  • I’m pretty sure you use this symbol as much as I do. If not, consider yourself lucky, very very lucky.


  • Sure, you do that. I’ve always wanted to drive on the sidewalk, just like in the movies.


  • The one’s who think using the indicators drains their fuel.


  • Half of the times, I find myself being bullied by the bunch of men who have created a situation where they are at fault but consider me of less power and hence, a being worthy of transferring  the blame to. Although my stares become doubly dangerous at such times and I don’t hesitate in rolling the window down to show them their place but I’ve learned by now that by doing so, I make myself miserable for I’ll be able to hear what they speak with those smirks and those faces masked with disgust to see me, a woman, driving.

    There have been times that the window was down beforehand and I could hear the words and abuses hurled towards me for driving and breaking the law of being at home, cooking or cleaning for that’s what women are made for. Think of the most degrading things one could call a woman. Yes, that’s precisely what I’ve been called because I was right and they were wrong but I was a woman and they were the mighty men.
  • The pinnacle being harassment by the police for no reason whatsoever because that’s their right, the right to extort money by hook or by crook. If you are not satisfied with the pay that this job offers then change your job dammit, don’t add to the already long list of the factors that deplete a common man’s hard earned money. That’s too much for you, right? Ignore, like always and keep on doing the great job that you do, of spreading fear among the people instead of safety. 

  • And finally, the days when you see all or most of these in a single day.


At the time that such things happen, all I can do is make a face while the dark words take a shape in my head and the moment passes without my being able to say anything. And I find myself being thankful that I couldn’t say what I could have said because there are already a lot of things to burden my head with. No thanks to all these extra toppings! 

I don't have a problem with idiots... I have a problem with them having drivers licenses!:

Have you had any such experience? Share them in the comment box and let me know how you deal with them! 🙂

Until next time,
Be kind to one another, and especially to those who hurl abuses towards you for they are already damned by their own actions, no need to make your contribution. 
Bye Bye! 🙂

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.


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