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Reasons Why You’re Unable To Get Pregnant

Motherhood is the dream for many, however, it is not easy for many and there are various reasons for not being able to get pregnant despite trying several times. Though a lot of them can be avoided by just changing habits or routines, some require special attention. For the latter, it is recommended that you see a gynecologist (a gynecologist in Hyderabad or anywhere else you prefer). Further, it is important to know that the reason can be you or your male partner. So, getting both of you of checked is a good idea. Following points will explain the reasons to you.  

  1. High-Stress Levels- The mental pressure of ‘wanting to get pregnant’ or even daily-life routines can cause high-stress levels. Stress takes a physical and mental toll, causes anxiety or depression, and adversely affects pituitary-gland-functioning that controls ovaries and the periods. So, it is important to stay calm, by reminding yourself that getting pregnant takes time and you must be patient. 
  2. Insufficient Sleep at Night- Making sure that you get enough sleep each night is very important as the opposite increases stress. The likelihood of infections also increases, as the immune system is unable to function at the normal level. As a result, because of the heat generated in the body, sperm can be damaged. In addition, the anxiety can cause problems with menstruation, including irregularity.
  3. Not having healthy body Weight- This means maintaining your ideal body weight, and not being either overweight or underweight. The former affects your chances of conceiving and the latter affects the ovulation-cycle. For these reasons, proper exercise and a nutritious diet are essential. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important.  
  4. Not monitoring your ovulation cycles and using lubricants while trying to conceive- It is important to monitor ovulation-cycles, as these are the times you are most likely to conceive. They usually happen two-weeks before the period. Lubricants are not recommended as they adversely affect both the motility and the survival of sperm.
  5. Pollution and Other Factors- Though it is very difficult to avoid pollution altogether, exposure can be controlled by taking certain precautions. For example, it is possible to limit exposure to harmful chemicals in everyday-products (soap), and fungicides, fertilizers, pesticides. Other factors including smoking, drinking, and drug abuse adversely affects chances of conceiving and are best avoided completely.
  6. The problem can also be because of your male partner- This can be caused by or is due to mainly two problems that male partners face. One of them is a low sperm count  approximately fifteen million sperm per milliliter, and is known as “Oligospermia”. The other is reduced sperm motility/its capability of moving on its own by using metabolic energy.

In addition, you may face certain medical problems including ‘Endometriosis’ irregular periods, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), fallopian-tube-related and egg-related problems. In all medical-problem-related cases, it is imperative to visit your gynecologist. For other problems, changing daily-life routines slightly by lessening home and job workloads can help. Additionally, making time for yourself along with meditation, counseling and therapy, or exercise is beneficial in helping you to get pregnant.

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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