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A melodious purchase! #Shopquikr :D

A melodious purchase! #Shopquikr :D

My #Shopquikr experience! 😊

As I popped in the first Pani puri, my phone started ringing. I told my sister it must be mom calling to tell us to be home on time. She inadvertently brought the phone out of the car and told me that it’s some unknown number. At first, I thought it must be some trading company and ignored it but it kept buzzing and hence I took the call. That’s when blogadda told me that I was selected for the #Shopquikr contest this Diwali to make a purchase of 5000 rupees and get them reimbursed with a valid blog post.

A lot to choose from! Make a move. Find and buy! πŸ˜€

I was so excited about it that I came home and literally screamed to tell mom all about the contest. She was like, are you sure its not a fake thing? I said, “No, it’s a trusted site. Don’t worry! This Diwali’s gonna be good!!” πŸ˜€

My first two days of the contest went by discussing with mom and dad about what to buy!

Numerous suggestions came in –

Mom – Can u buy a tablet? Or maybe some home appliance?
Dad – Look for a treadmill, automatic one. Possible?
Brother – Buy cd’s for my PS2. They are really expensive and since the money will be reimbursed, its the best investment you can possibly make.
Sister – Why don’t you buy something unique! Some antiques? Or maybe some decorative items?
I was very confused. The third day when I actually downloaded the quikr app and registered on it, I was very disappointed. No no, not with the app. (Read on please and don’t make any assumptions!) There were very few items for sale in my town. The sellers (usually) do not provide delivery options so I had to buy something from my own town so that I could go and pick the item myself.
I browsed and browsed, put inquires for some, added some things to the shortlist and waited for responses. Made a few calls. Many things that I thought I could buy were already sold and many were out of range.
Days passed by and I forgot all about it. I was quite busy because it was Diwali time. Festivals take up all your time. Meeting and greeting people. All though I’m not too social but yeah, my presence counts. πŸ˜›
I had to travel to Jaipur for shopping for my brother’s marriage, two days from Diwali, so the time post festival was eaten up by packing and things.
On the second night of my stay in Jaipur, when after the whole day of shopping, we were sitting and chatting, came a mail from blogadda.

And Quikr too! πŸ˜€

It reminded me of the #shopquikr contest and then after a thorough talk with my cousin, Bharat bhaiya, I decided to purchase something from Jaipur. He told me that he had used quikr to sell his keyboard and one more thing (I’m unable to recall it). His mention of a musical instrument took me to a flashback.
3 years back.
The 3-month holiday break after grade 11 was too long to be lazy for me. I decided to learn to play Violin. Ah! My beloved violin. Papa bought a beautiful violin for me and I took the lessons for 1 month after which my schools started and I had to discontinue the class. My violin costed me about 2500 rupees and the better one which I wanted to buy was of 7000 rupees. After the class, my violin got packed up and rested its days in the back of the lowest and darkest corners of the basement until my mom decided to sell it (without my knowledge). Although the receipt went into my wallet but my sadness and anger was beyond the rage of the oceans.
Days passed by and things went back to normal.. until that day as the thing I had to purchase was finally set. A violin!
Call it a coincidence or anything, I found the better violin, which I aspired to purchase within my reach on Quikr. I was staying at my cousin’s place in Shyam Nagar and the seller was from Sodala, Jaipur. Neighbours in a sense! πŸ˜›

The ad which took my 5000 rupees! 💜
The seller, to my joy, had two colours. I picked the light brown one. The condition, as she mentioned in the ad, was excellent. I was too excited to ask her why she wanted to sell the violin (Joyous!). Although the price was beyond the budget, but listening to my story and my pleading got her to agree at 5000 bucks.

Trying to bargain and miraculously successful! πŸ˜€ 
My cousin helped me through the purchase and is surely going to get a candy or two from the reimbursed money! πŸ˜›
The After Story – My mother was frantic. Seeing that I was again holding a violin which I hardly knew how to play was nothing less than a horror movie to her! Although she was upset at first, but then she agreed when I told her that I’ll share the reimbursement with her! (Corruption, I tell you! :/)
Quikr – As the tag line mentions, “Buyer or seller ka perfect match”, the site justifies its purpose. The experience was awesome and I’m definitely going to sell some belongings (not mine :P) soon to make some easy bucks. Very useful, very effective and very convenient. The best part of using was that although we choose the product online, we get to see it and check it before buying. And-and-and, to the Indian women community, you can bargain even here! πŸ˜€

To sum up, in my opinion, Quikr is the best mixture of online and real-time shopping. Personalised searches, location specific, categorising and shortlisting options make it better and a takes it a few blocks ahead in the race. Highly recommended for selling products that you don’t use anymore. Just invest a little time here and start making money! πŸ˜€

Blogadda, thanks to you, this trip has become a memory and that too a pleasant one. I’m glad I stumbled upon your site and was fortunate enough to be chosen for this contest (When I applied for it, I truly had no hopes!). One more thing that I’m thankful to your site about is that you have made me regular in posting on my blog. I used to post very oddly, but now I post very frequently. Not only you have made my posting regular but also made me realise my weak and strong points in writing. A huge thanks.
P.S. Such contests are always welcome and in future don’t forget to shortlist me! πŸ˜›
It somehow felt like magick! My going to Jaipur and then buying a violin from there.. You might feel I’m crazy but seems like magic to me! πŸ˜€
To browse the category I made my purchase from – CLICK HERE

You can begin your shopping here on the laptop or get the Android app here / Apple App to browse while on the go.

I managed to find my old practice violin class notebook which was thankfully, not in the case when mum sold it. 

My beauty! <3

Ah! Hello there! 

Adorable.. Aint it? πŸ˜›
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