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Mother: The Epitome of Compassion!

Mother: The Epitome of Compassion!

This post is dedicated to mothers all over the world:

She forgot the deadly pain that she had been suffering from for the last nine months and smiled at you when you arrived in this world. That was the only time she smiled when you cried. At that moment, she made a promise to you that whatever happens she will never let you cry. She stayed up nights to watch you sleep, to comfort you when you slept whole day and decided to be naughty at night. She fed you her milk that had unmatched sweetness. She changed your nappies, smiling when everyone else made faces. Everybody else loved you when you smiled, but she loved you even when you wet your pants in her lap. She quit her job for taking better care of you, to nurture you with health and happiness. She took infinite pictures of you to show you in the future, your potato self. She danced with joy when you crawled first time. She recorded all your mischiefs in her photographic memory to remind you in your future that how naughty you were. She doubled over with happiness when you walked into her hands without any support. It was the shock whose waves she enjoys till date. She got so excited that she called everyone in the family and made the finest sweets to distribute in the colony when you spoke your first word. It was the finest, the sweetest and the most beautiful voice that she had ever heard. 


She started teaching you life when you started to make some sense with your gibberish. She became your first teacher, you first mentor, your lifetime idol. She beamed when you replied to people who tried to talk to you with your other-worldly gabble. She teased you when you played with another kid but of the opposite gender by asking you, “So you like her? Should I take it as a yes?” and you shyly replied in your language followed by a naughty laughter. She became a kid when you wanted a playmate, a teacher when you wanted to learn, a cook when you wanted to eat, a singer when you wanted to listen to music, a dancer for your entertainment and myriad other things. She was scared to death when your skin burned with fever. She became your personal attendant, never leaving your side, even to eat. Your health was her priority. She called the doctor and even became one when the need came. ‘I care not about the mess you make until it makes you happy’ she told you and you nodded as if you understood which made her smile. 

She cried more than you when she left you alone on your first day of school. She could listen to your voice, screaming for her, which tore her apart. She stayed outside, out of your sight, but couldn’t make herself leave the premise. She hugged you tight when you ran into her arms, punching her and screaming for leaving you alone. It was important, she told you but you kept hitting her with you little hands. This pain of separation was hard, but she knew it had to be done. Over time, she got on terms with you to send you to school in exchange of a few toys. The look on your face when she got you a new toy mesmerized her. Your glowing face made her glow. As you grew up, her troubles became directly proportional to your tantrums. The time when you bit your classmate when he took your eraser, gave her a headache. Yes, she scolded you. It was bad for you, but worse for her. Every time you made a mistake, she taught you a hard lesson so that you never do it again. She tried her best to not make you cry, to make you understand with compassion rather than strictness but used her powers sternly when it became necessary. She might have even slapped you once or twice. It hurt her hand more than it hurt you face. She did all her work with that hand that day to punish it for hurting her child, but that one slap taught you the lesson. She loved listening to your stories of school about the adventures you had. How did the day go? How did you make your first friend? How did you write your first word? How was your performance in class? How did you erase that one line? How that one kid made you laugh? How well did you dance in a celebration at school? The answers to these questions were of utmost importance to her. She was more scared than you when you took your first exam. She prayed for your good marks, even bribed God through fasts.


She became you first friend and has been the one whom you can always turn to till date. You shared everything with her and she loved every bit of it. The scar on your leg from the fall that you had while playing gave her more pain than it did to you. She taught you the most important lessons of life that included the acts of being compassionate and kind. She taught you to be strong when time takes your test. She taught you to make the most of your opportunities but to never enjoy at the expense of someone else’s sadness. She never cared about herself, worked endlessly to make the ends meet, to get you the best of all. She got you that bicycle for your birthday which you eyed when the neighbour’s kid showed it to you. She understood your wishes even before you voiced them. She bought that doll which you didn’t eat food for, but she didn’t appreciate that act and told you so. She knew that it didn’t teach you a lesson so she didn’t eat the next day and held your inappropriate behaviour, the reason. You apologised and fed her from your hands and she knew that she had made her point.

Your teenage came even before she realised. She woke up before the sun to make sure you never missed your school. She was sad when you didn’t talk to her when you came home from school that day. She thought she did something to hurt you and to please you she made everything you loved to be present on your plate for dinner. It broke her heart when you didn’t come down to eat it. Little did she know that you were upset about a fight with a friend in school. You never knew the agony of your oldest friend, who waited all night for you to ask for food when you didn’t answer her knock on your room’s door. She slept empty stomach while you gobbled that pack of chips which she had brought for you the other day. She understood that your friends had become an important part of your life. Although she never minded them, just that the fact that they took away the time you spent with her, hurt her too much to say. She did say at times that you don’t spend much time with her now, but you always told her off saying that you had other things planned up with your friends. A little time, that’s all she wanted, but it was still too much for you to give. Your adolescence transformed you into an entirely different person. She was in awe of how you grew into a beautiful human every day. However, your new habits didn’t please her much. She stated the same to you which upset you and you chose not to talk to the person who taught you how to talk. She cried so much that she had swollen eyes when you saw her the next day. You were ashamed. You hugged her and apologised. She smiled like she never cried. She understood that it was the effect of the age. She decided to give you your space and evolve you as an independent human. She made sure to not poke her nose in your personal matters until the need arose. She missed listening to your stories and was overwhelmed with joy when you sat by her side one day and talked to her. You scolded her when she told shared your childhood mischiefs with your friends. She didn’t know that it embarrassed you. 


She got you that smartphone for which you were too scared about asking your father. She knew it might not be the right time,, but she couldn’t just miss the chance of making you happy. She taught you how to be responsible when she told you to clean your room yourself. It made you angry, but you ended up doing it. The result was amazing. It replaced the frown on your face with pride. You boasted about your hard work in front of her. She boasted about your good work in the family. Your good marks made her happy, but her want of seeing you at the top made her a little pushy. She did that in good faith, to make sure that you have a successful life, but you got irritated when she talked about doing better. You told her to not interfere with your studies. She missed the times when the little you asked her every single math problem twice. You got her worried when you started spending more time with your smartphone than you did with her. She told you the same. You closed the door on her face. She lamented to have spoilt you so much, but you restored her faith when you came back to apologise and vowed not to use your phone all the time. You didn’t talk to her for two days when she said no for the school tour. You never knew that she couldn’t bear the thought of sending you away for a week. She wasn’t convinced about your well being out there even after several reassurances by the teachers. Your sad face tormented her. You won that battle too. She missed you like anything but your happy voice, once a day, did away with any possible worry. She told you not to go away anywhere again when you came home. You brought out the gift that you bought for her. She was on the seventh heaven when she saw that pack of handkerchiefs. Her little baby bought her a gift. 

She was happy once again until the time came to choose your career. She thought of the best ones and presented before you the same. You, in return, presented to her your entirely different plan. She was shocked. Nobody agreed with your plan in the house. Even outsiders advised you to choose the other path. You didn’t listen to them. You went to her because you knew she was your only chance. She agreed with you but couldn’t disagree with your father. Her choice made her the villain, but she kept trying. You took the pre-decided path, but you weren’t happy. She could see it. She could feel it. She decided to stand up for you and she gave you the way to follow your own path. You were happy beyond measures and that made her happy more than you. You followed your path for which no one agreed, even she was reluctant, but your happiness was of utmost importance. You failed. She became your pillar. She became the shoulder that you needed to cry on. She taught you that failure is nothing but a part and parcel of life. She told you that you need to fail at least once to be successful. She gave you the strength that she did not have. She had to fight all those voices that mocked her for her decision. You never saw it, she never revealed it. She regained her power when you succeeded in your venture. She was beaming with pride unmeasured. You were happy for yourself, she was happy for you. 


You exited your teenage as a responsible and independent person. She kept taunting you and telling you to learn the things that you would need in your future. No, her ultimate goal was never to get you married. Her ultimate goal had always been to see you happily settled in life, in all aspects and not just marriage. Now you had limited time for her as you had many better things to do. She waited for her turn in your schedule. She brought your dinner to your room when you were busy working in your room. She contented herself with the empty plate when you didn’t talk to her for days. You told her that you were busy. She made sure that no one disturbed you. She did her work quietly to not interrupt your work, stealing a look or two of your intent face that barely acknowledged her presence. She was surprised when one day you came to her room and talked about life, discussed some small things, your work and your future. She wasn’t aware of the storm that was hidden in the silence. She was astounded when you told her you wanted to go out to explore your opportunities as a professional. She didn’t know how to react. The nod of her head agreed to your demands, but the beats of her heart said an entirely different story. This pain was worse than keeping you in the womb. She never wanted to let you go out of her sight, but she knew that she couldn’t, she shouldn’t stop you. She helped you pack your bags with an extra bag of homemade food. Your bag was stuffed with pickles, sweets and biscuits. You told her you wouldn’t need so much food, but she didn’t agree. Every time you said no to a jar, she added two. You chose silence as the better option. You moved out, her tears rolled out. You were still her little baby that needed to be looked after. 


She called you twice every day to make sure you had your lunch and dinner. It hurt when you didn’t pick her call up, but made her smile when you called her yourself, later. She sent you treats without telling you and waited for your call when you got them. She sent you money without you asking for it. She knew when you were happy and sad from your voice. She never failed you, she knew what you wanted even before you asked for it. She has sacrificed her whims innumerable times to satisfy your demands and never complained. She has a goal, a goal to give you a happy and healthy life and she’ll keep thriving for it forever.

I can keep writing and it would never end. I can never sum up the beauty of a mother in mere words. Also, this story isn’t mine. It’s a general portrayal of the emotions of a mother. If you are wondering why I wrote this post on a day after Mother’s day then here’s why:


You don’t need a day to celebrate the love of your mother. She would be happier if you just spent a day with her rather than posting a status, a blog, a picture with her to show your respect on the media that she doesn’t even use. You might say that why have I posted it here. Yes, my mother won’t read it, but someone else’s would. I want all you beautiful ladies out there, to know that you’re amazing! Nothing, absolutely nothing can be compared to your awesomeness and your efforts deserve to be celebrated everyday! For those who suffer from the loss of a mother, know that she is looking down at you from heaven and directing you. Your tears make her cry, so stop crying and celebrate life. Use your chance to make her smile. When they say that God couldn’t be everywhere so he made mothers, yes it is true. Her willpower, her strength, her pain is invincible. Spend your time with your angels and miss no moment to give them a chance to be sad. Happy Mother’s Day, because every day is your day! 🙂 

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.


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