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Book Review: Can I Have This Chance? by Neelam Saxena Chandra

Book Review: Can I Have This Chance?

~Man Proposes, God disposes.~

Author: Neelam Saxena Chandra
Publisher: Authorspress Publishing
Price: Rs. 295/-
Genre: Thriller
Rating: 3.5/5 
ISBN- 9788172738204

Have you ever chosen a book on impulse? Like when the cover seemed attractive so you thought about giving it a shot and you walked home with that book in hand? I do that often. This book was one of those which I chose based on the cover and the back blurb. So, here is my review of ‘Can I Have This Chance?’ by Neelam Saxena Chandra

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Back Blurb from the book

Avantika, a fiery young journalist, is about to board a flight to New York to pay a visit to the Editor of The New York Times, to consider a job offer she received as a result of her hard work and determination as a crime journalist in India. Little does she know that this one brief trip will change her life forever.

Minutes before boarding her flight, she receives a proposal, which leads her to a very imperative decision – career against love. She tries postponing the impending decision, to enjoy her short voyage.

Suddenly, in the midst of her turbulent thoughts, she notices a man walking up the aisle of the aeroplane, a gun in hand. Before she manages to digest this news and the fact that the plane is far away from civilisation, hovering somewhere above the Atlantic; with a jolt, she realises that the hijacker is a man she recognises- a man from her past!

From the villages of North India, to the posh highways of New York, this is a story about courage, justice, love, sacrifices, a quest for the truth, and crucial choices, all revolving around the life of a simple woman from India, but with a fire in her eyes to prove herself. Read on, to find out more.

The story revolves around three characters, namely Avantika, Aryan and Sunil.

Avantika, the protagonist is a journalist that knows no bounds when it comes to work. Landing a dangerous goon, Bajju bhaiya, in prison by catching him in his own arena, i.e., his village, got her in the limelight as the fiery young journalist, worldwide. A call from the New York Daily for a job assignment after her terrific performance as a journalist in Sunil’s magazine Magma became the turning point of her life.

Avantika has had a bitter luck in love with Aryan which incapacitates her from falling in love again.

She is on the crossroads of her life deciding whether to choose work or the proposal that awaited her back home, on her flight to New York. 

Sunil runs Magma, a magazine that is feared by almost everyone in the society for its fearless publications, exposing the corrupt and unmasking the evils hidden in the society. But there’s much more to this guy than meets the eye. An incident from the past has made him the man he is today.
Apart from being her boss, he is madly in love with Avantika ever since the day she entered his office and declared that she was the right candidate for the job as a journalist in his magazine.

Aryan has a tragic story to tell. Separation from his beloved mother took him away from Avantika too. Then piece by piece, his life began crumbling. He isn’t sure why death isn’t ready to embrace him after taking away all the people he had in his life.

Avantika encounters a face from the past on a hijacked plane. It’s a matter of life and death, and it’s upon her to either die or keep everyone safe.

Little did any of them expect things to turn the way they did. Read the book to find out what happened next!


  • Balanced writing style.
  • Fast paced.
  • Short chapters.
  • Excellent Cover.


  • Predictable at some points.
  • Unnecessarily elongated
  • Repetition of words like repercussions, pensively, etc.
  • Averagely phrased sentences.

About the Author: 

Neelam Saxena Chandra is an engineer by profession. She works as an officer with Indian Railways. Writing poetry and fiction is her passion. Neelam has been nominated in the list of 100 most well known authors in India by Forbes for the year 2014….

More than six hundred of her stories/poems have been published in various leading Indian as well as international magazines/journals/anthologies. She has published seventeen books including two novels, one novella, three short story collection, six poetry collections and four collections of childrens’ stories.

Neelam is a record holder in the India Book of Records for being the author with highest number of publications in a year. Neelam and her daughter hold record for being the first mother-daughter duo to write a poetry book for the book ‘Winter Shall Fade’ in Miracle World Records and India Book of records. 

She has won several awards including an award in a poetry contest by American Embassy, Premchand award by Ministry of Railways, Rabindranath Tagore international poetry award, Freedom award by Radio city for her lyrics.

Personal Opinion: It is hard to believe that the author wrote this book in mere two months. This book will keep you glued till the end because with every page comes a new twist and turn. Although the plot is superficial, still it’s worth reading.
I would recommend this book to people of all age brackets, hoping to read a light thriller smitten with a hint of love. No doubt, this book doesn’t do justice to the author’s full potential, yet it is a refreshing change.

To tell you the truth, my impulse never fails me. 😉

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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