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Celebrating A Year Of Compassion! #1000SpeakForCompassion

Celebrating A Year Of Compassion!
– #1000SpeakForCompassion

Last year, on 20th February 1000 speak for Compassion got several bloggers together to spread compassion around the world. Ever since, on the 20th day of every month, bloggers from around the world write about various aspects of compassion and how one can spread the same.

I have been a part of this group for a year now, and I already feel like a different person. Writing about everyday life, I never knew I’d be doing something that could make someone’s day, ease someone’s pain, give someone a hearty laugh. Compassion is a huge part of my being, and writing about the same has only made it grow.

From writing about what compassion is and it’s various aspects like gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance, I learned more and more about it. Not only this, I did things that I never imagined like a lovey-dovey interview, a personality quiz etc! But words, mere words do not make a lasting change, actions do.
I believe in practicing what I preach, but kindness needs no proof. Be kind and let the good revolve around and come to you eventually.

For this month’s 1000 Speak, I gathered the thoughts of several people from different walks of life, of different ages, who are battling their own different kinds of battles, on what compassion is to them and how can it make a change in the world.

Here are those wonderful responses for you to read and ponder upon:

Keyur Seta: For me, compassion is something that drives the human race naturally to stand with each other, to understand each other. For a compassionate person, the focus of life isn’t on himself but on the society as a whole. S/he is concerned about the welfare of people around herself or himself. To make this world more compassionate, the first and foremost thing to do is to understand that we all are a part of the same human species, regardless of the different religions, regions, sects and what not. If we realize that we all have the same skeleton, blood, and flesh, we would automatically develop compassion for each other.

Yvonne Spence: For me, compassion is recognizing another’s a pain, and being willing to take action to alleviate it. Compassion also recognizes that we are equals, whatever our circumstances, and with compassion we listen to what another wants or needs, rather than projecting what we think they need based on our own feelings of pain or suffering.

How can we create a more compassionate world? It starts with us, with being compassionate towards ourselves and through that being able to feel compassion towards others. Trying to “change the world” is futile unless we can find love for ourselves within our hearts. And that includes compassion for ourselves when we are feeling weak, or “negative.”

Indrajeet Garachh: Compassion is our very nature. All of us are compassionate, but due to so much of negativity, it is suppressed in this stressful world and has become situational.
So to spread the compassion in this world, we will have to be compassionate first and become aware of our each and every moment and actions, because sometimes we act indifferent unconsciously. We can never harm someone with awareness. So, just awareness is required, surroundings will do the rest.

Karishma Maheshwari: Empathy and compassion are two such acts of kindness that do not only mean touching people with your helping hand but with your kind heart. People are lost searching for these two beautiful elements in this outside world, what they need is to search within and they’ll find that these are very much present in their own soul.
If you cannot show it, try and sensitize yourself, because passing a benevolent smile, lending a helping hand or being nice to one another never killed anyone. We are the ones who can bring about a change in this callous society. Maybe a little contribution from your side can swipe away the negligence of the society towards the needy.

Sumit Singh: Compassion to me is to be able to feel the pain and sorrow that my brother or sister is going through. To cry for them and to cry with them. Compassion for me is to shoulder the burden with them. When a person is compassionate not just to the hurting, but showers his compassion on the ones that have wronged him.
It not only brings clarity to the mind but also comforts the soul. It is something that is really required in this torn and tattered world. If we all begin to show compassion to the people around, this world will be a far better place. Peace!

Maniparna S. Majumder: To me, compassion is reaching down and helping someone to come up when she/he is down. I believe a few words of love and compassion can do wonders to embalm the pain and sufferings. These are the most humane of all qualities.

Kimmie Edwards: Compassion (for me) is an overwhelming response to the suffering of others. Having the ability to imagine me in their shoes. Knowing my own feelings well enough to know that I couldn’t endure such suffering (If the tables were turned). Wishing that ‘they’ didn’t have to. Needing to do something to help, if it’s within my means to do so.

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Guru Nath: To be frank I don’t know what compassion actually is and what I can do to make this world more compassionate. I never gave a single rupee to a ‘healthy’ beggar coming to me and begging as it gives me an impression that he is fit to ‘earn his life by working a little bit’ and I hand out coins to people who are physically and mentally unfit to earn any living on their own.

If I ever want to make this world compassionate about anything, then it is on ‘Humanity’ and make sure everyone works more on helping and working for each other’s success and happiness instead of nourishing rivalry or jealousy.

Irina: When I think about what it means to me, the linguistic component somehow springs to mind first – ‘com-with/together-passion’ is a pretty strong feeling. So, doesn’t it mean that if we are compassionate we try to share what another person feels, be it good or bad, happiness or sorrow. It’s being able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and understand how they might be feeling right there and then.

Minakshi Pharswal: Compassion to me is not only to feel for others but do something about too. When I see a kid or an elder begging on the street for food, I don’t give them a rupee or two but take them with me and pay for the full meal. It is not only about feeling their pain but trying to eradicate it, at least in a small way. Just one meal or a piece of cloth might not make a huge difference but it will be something better than what others do.

Darla Halyk: Compassion is a twist you feel in your heart, an ache begging to give love to all souls. It isn’t simply to feel sorry for the less fortunate; it plays a huge part in our everyday. Without compassion, our world would be lost. I mean, without compassion, how could we possibly see ourselves in another? It is compassion that inspires us to be kind and give love freely. And what would our lives be without love from others, compassion is what will change the world, and those that use it freely are the ones making the change.

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Irene J. Kartik: Compassion and empathy are capable of changing the world. As simple as it sounds yet we see a lack of these emotions around us. I believe that we do not need to move mountains to inculcate them in our lives. Small acts that can start right from your home, when was the last time you asked your maid to take a paid leave proactively? Did you speak to that colleague who hasn’t been herself in the past few days? Did you ask the user/ola driver if they got a chance to grab a bite? I think we need to look around a bit closely to see that they do exist in subtle forms. The onus lies on us in nurturing and spreading positive vibes.

Nitya Sharda: Compassion: The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you
have in your heart. I have always wished I was one of those people who could show my authentic self to the world and still be able to look you in the eye after I let you see me, without quivering in shame or regret. Self-compassion is the key to a joyful heart.

According to me the world could be more compassionate:
1. If one doesn’t feel love for oneself yet, act as if.
2. When feel hurt by someone else, remind yourself that they are just like
3. Learn to forget
4. Remember, others are on their path just like you are on yours.
5. Lastly, be of service in the world.

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Chaithra B. Adiga: Compassion starts at home, it could be as simple as a lending a helping hand to your Mom doing household chores, when she is held up at work. Compassion is the ability to gauge what needs to be done right now and the willingness to do it right now. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting their own hard battle, and a little compassion goes a long way.

Princa Rathi: Compassion is more than just having sympathy for someone in trouble; it also means having a kind nature for all. I firmly believe that one needs to be compassionate towards everyone as they aren’t just going through what you can see, everyone has their invisible battles that tear them inside out. Truly quoted by Dalai Lama, ‘Love and compassion are necessities, not a luxury. Without them, humanity cannot survive.‘ Being compassionate takes you one step closer to God. It’s a basic human trait you must nurture in yourself.

Jayakumar: Compassion is all about embracing the true spirit of humanity. Reflecting true love and care for the troubled souls. Every act of true compassion makes this world a better place to live for all.

Righteous is the one who was able to demonstrate compassion in face of human suffering.
~ Aleksander Kwasniewski
Compassion is a sparkling light, a light that makes the world shine in it’s toughest times. Do you bear that sparkle?
Share your thoughts in the comment box! I’d love to know what compassion means to you?
Let’s share the love in the village, the global village!
Let’s spread the compassion.
Until next time, 
Be kind to one another!
Bye Bye! 🙂
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Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.


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Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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