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Press Release: A2ZEE launches ACE program to Promote Entrepreneurship in Campuses

A2ZEE launches ACE program to Promote Entrepreneurship in Campuses

The whole world is talking about the growing start-up ecosystem in India. Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also did ‘Start-up India’ initiative to promote entrepreneurship amongst Indians. A lot many new companies are coming up, but still the number is not enough considering the scale of innovation needed in India. Lately, we have seen many copy-paste ideas in the Indian market, but India needs original ideas that are developed keeping in mind the situation, people & market of India. We are seeing that college students have started talking about start-up, it is now the hottest canteen gossip topic. But how many students are starting-up? Very less.
A start-up and its founding team have taken the lead in promoting entrepreneurship in campuses & in motivating students to start their companies by overcoming the fear of failure & social norms.

A2ZEE, an online marketplace for Internet Business Services with virtual currency at its core, is a much talked about fintech startup started by a very young & dynamic team. A start-up whose founding team members became entrepreneurs while still being at college.

A2ZEE is starting its much-awaited ACE (A2ZEE College Entrepreneur) program which focuses on promoting entrepreneurship, and rewarding/certifying college students for their leadership, marketing, communication & entrepreneurial skills.

Total 50 students will be selected from campuses across India. These 50 prodigies will promote entrepreneurship on their campus & take the lead in promoting A2ZEE at various global platforms. All Campus Entrepreneurs will get certificates, rewards and entry to A2ZEE partner events across the globe. A few who stand out from the crowd & out-perform others will get a chance to be part of Team A2ZEE, join them full time & live their start-up dream with A2ZEE.
By being part of ACE, students will be able to overcome their fear, get answers to their questions & get guidance & support in starting their start-up.
Very few start-ups actually do something like this to promote entrepreneurship. A2ZEE stands out because of many reasons, one being the ACE program.

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.


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