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My Zapstore: The Story Behind It!

My Zapstore: The Story Behind It!

Zapstore is your personalised e-commerce store, that helps you earn rewards when people buy from your store. Now, the question arises about what you’d sell? You can list the products from your favorite e-commerce store to your zapstore, i.e.e be it Flipkart or Amazon or be it clothing or electronics, everything can be listed on your Zapstore and you can earn cashback and rewards every time your followers buy from your store!


About my Zapstore:

My Zapstore, at the moment, offers merchandise worth INR 50,000 varying from electronics to books and what not! Here is a detailed account of the reason why the products made it to my Zapstore:


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid camera, always ready for a snap. Break the DSLR stereotype with this cute and easy to carry, instant film camera! Several colours available!

An HP Deskjet Ink Advantage All-in-one Printer that is a must for every household with school going kids as well as normal utility for everyone. Printing through wifi with one click from your phone, ah, technology, could it get any better?

The All-new Kindle e-reader for easy, glare-free reading, anywhere, anytime! I was never fond of reading on screen but when I realised how convenient it is, I changed my mind and I’m looking forward to owning a kindle.

Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive: Storage is the biggest issue we face today. With a million things to store, our laptops go queasy and work slowly. Take backups and store all your precious stuff in this 1 TB external Hard drive. Keep it safe, secure and at hand, anywhere and everywhere.

A Karaoke Magic Sing with over 5000 inbuilt songs in Hindi, English, Punjabi and Gujarati along with an add-on chip to add your favorite songs. For your love of singing, this is a must!


A Strauss anti-burst gym ball to stretch muscles and do pilates. A good workout ensured in most affordable manner! Choose the required size of the ball as per your height and you’re ready to roll.

You can choose Anti Burst Ball As per the following Chart:
4’11” to 5’4″ height: 55 cm ball
5’4″ to 5’11” height: 65 cm ball
5’11” to 6′ 7″ height: 75 cm ball

An Adjustable Flat Incline Decline Bench for Ab workout. Want great abs but don’t want to hit the gym, this is your solution! A good investment, if you’re looking to make one, for both your health and your pocket.



Reading is a habit, I wish, everyone would inculcate in themselves and those around them! I offer you the recent bestseller and the most awaited book of the year, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. Mind you, it is a script for a play, not your normal book, and still worth every penny!

Along with the above is a box set: Divergent Series that I’ve been wanting to read for very long. Another bestseller, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. This book has been on my TBRL for a long time, a must read, from the reviews. And last but not the least, The Sialkot Saga by Ashwin Sanghi, popularly known as the Indian Dan Brown.

Musical Instrument and Accessories:

For my beloved Violin, a Shoulder Rest, that helps your balance it without making it uncomfortable. From one of my previous posts, you must be knowing that I play the violin, if not, you can check out this video that I posted of one of my performances.

Board Games:

I love board games, so much that I can provide you with almost every board game available in the biggest Toy Store in our town. I’m a fanatic and I make sure we never fall behind on the latest releases. Every Christmas, I follow a ritual to give presents to my younger brothers and sisters. Guess what do I gift them?

Check out these games that are on my Zapstore, perfect Christmas presents:

Baking Utensils and Tools:

Baking is a therapy for me, even though I’m barely any good at that. I love decorating cakes and these tools are must buy for everyone who loves baking. My store has a Turn Table, 52 Piece Cake Decorating Nozzles and a 98 Piece Ultimate cake Decorating Baking set.


We all can solemnly agree that running shoes are a must, and hence I present to you a pair of the same, from Adidas. Comfort and ease, guaranteed.

All the products in my Zapstore have got great reviews and range from necessities to luxury! Check out my Zapstore.

You can make your own Zapstore and earn cashback through Paytm and referral bonus along with rewards on purchases made by your followers. It is a revolution for Online Shopping and it is most certainly a good one.

I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.

Until Next Time,

Be kind to one another.
Bye Bye!

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.


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Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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