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Best Car Perfume in India: Godrej Aer

GCPL (Godrej Consumer Products Limited) has been the leading household name in India for FMCG products and has been a trusted brand for home and consumer goods. Since its launch, Godrej has successfully added to and conquered the home-care market. In 2012, Godrej re-entered the air care market, after abandoning Ambi pure two years back, introducing Godrej Aer, which comprises product offerings for both homes and cars. Ever since Godrej Aer has been giving a cut-throat competition to its competitors in the race of being the best home and best car fresheners in India.

We’re here to talk about the Godrej Aer Car fresheners. Godrej Aer offers a range of car perfumes available in various designer fragrances. With a technology that makes sure, your car smells consistently good for two months.

With a distinct variety of rich and authentic fragrances, today, Aer is one of the best car fresheners in India.

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The types of car fragrances offered under the Godrej Aer Click category: It’s got looks to kill and a fragrance to die for. But we’d rather you just buy it. Presenting Aer click by Godrej – a range of car fresheners available in six designer fragrances. By designer, we mean they look just as great as they smell. Or smell just as great as they look.

  1. Rich Irish Cocktail
  2. Bright Tangy Delight
  3. Coral Surf Blue
  4. Petal Crush Pink
  5. Fresh Lush Green
  6. Musk After Smoke
    Best car fresheners in India, Godrej Aer Twist
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Best car fresheners in India, Godrej Aer Twist best fragrance, best godrej aer fragrance, car perfume india review
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The car air freshener gel, Godrej Aer Twist: Keeps your car consistently fragrant for up to sixty days. No twists after you turn it on. Godrej Aer twist fragrances come with a clever gel technology that makes sure your car smells consistently good for two months. It is also spill-proof and fits nicely in the cup-holder. Just in case you have something better looking for the dashboard. Though, we highly doubt that.

With the same fragrances in different shapes, from click to twist, Aer promises to make a little difference in your life by making your car feel a tad bit nicer. Select the right fragrance among the best car fresheners in India for your car today!

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  • Recently I got this new car (Tata Manza) which is really good one. It has many of the accessories in build and the company itself provides many others. But one of my friends just gave me this amazing fragrance car perfume gel. Godrej Aer, has the best car perfumes and air fresheners in India. The gift was totally the best fit for my car. It has pleasant smells & has a huge variety of aromas in air fresheners as well as in perfume gels.

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