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King's College India

The Best Indian Boarding School- King’s College India

Choosing the right school for your child is like laying the foundation for their success in their respective careers in the future. Although it is a tough choice to send your children abroad to study, most parents want to provide their children with the best possible education they can afford. 

While looking for the perfect school for my niece, I decided that I had to look for a school that could provide quality education in a safe and caring environment. The schools and colleges in Britain have always been a hot target for their quality of education and their excellent boarding facilities. Thank you, Enid Blyton!

During their long reign, the one thing that the British did well for India was to introduce the British Education system. However, it was diluted; becoming a schooling system that India wouldn’t have been able to achieve on its own. Today, British education is undoubtedly the most revered education system in the world, and it has finally come to India in its finest form, as King’s College India; a premier International Boarding School.

King's College India
King’s College India

King’s College India

King’s College India is a partner school of the leading British private school, King’s College, Taunton, located in Somerset, UK. It is affiliated with the Cambridge International Examinations Board. 

I am absolutely thrilled that we at King’s College India will be making the finest British education available to young people in India, providing what I believe to be a life-changing experience. As well as our broad curriculum following the Cambridge Primary syllabus through to IGCSE and A Level, we will be offering high-quality pastoral care and a huge range of sporting and extra-curricular opportunities designed to educate the whole child – body, mind, heart, and spirit.” – A foreword by the Headmaster, Dr. Nick Duggan.

King's College India
Collective Education at King’s College India

It is located on a 21-acre purpose-built campus on the outskirts of Rohtak, Haryana. It is only 90kms from Delhi, and the campus is secure, exactly what we needed for my niece. The school has state-of-the-art teaching, boarding, sporting and cultural facilities on site, including-
  1. Dedicated Science Laboratories.
  2. Libraries
  3. Amphitheatre – complete with stage and surrounding ornamental gardens
  4. Spacious and well-equipped dormitories.
  5. Boarder’s common rooms.
  6. Boarder’s study rooms.
  7. Separate Music and Art rooms, fully equipped with instruments and resources.
  8. Fully air-conditioned campus.
  9. Pitches and Courts for all the major sports along with swimming pool, skating area, and climbing wall.

King's College India
Art Rooms at King’s College India

The concept of boarding schools originated from Britain, and the boarding school culture has subsequently flourished. The main idea behind boarding is to create a caring and loving extended-family environment to help nurture each child safely. The recreational activities after school- such as structured activities, movie weekends, and dormitory nights- help the children explore their interests safely and healthily while working on their soft and social skills. The school aims to develop a child in all the areas, i.e., not just focusing on their academics; they aim to groom the child academically, culturally and emotionally, which is what got us into considering this school.

King's College India
International Faculty at King’s College India

Another concern that we had about boarding schools was the meal they provide. Thankfully, at KCI, a nutritionally balanced diet is provided, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, in different cuisines. The fact that the staff dines with the students takes away the worry of the child not eating correctly.

Fortunately, the admissions for the April 2018 session are currently open; it’s always worrisome because schools these days start and close admissions too early. We’ll be going there to check out the premises soon so that we can understand the system better. If you’d like to see more details about the admission, you can check out their website, here.

This is it for today; tell me what you think of this school in the comments below. I am undoubtedly impressed. Also, tell me what you think of British Education, especially boarding schools? Ever since I’ve read the Naughtiest Girl, –in my early teens- I always had this desire to attend a boarding school! Alas, that’s not going to happen for me. Let’s see how it fares for my niece who is currently reading the books, on my recommendation, of course!

Until next time,
be kind to one another!

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