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How do the best pain relief creams work?

Following a system of deep penetration and quick healing, pain relief creams are the biggest boon for minor aches and pains.

Pain is one of the undeniable truths of life. It touches some people more than others, and older persons are more prone to painful joints and muscles than younger age groups. However, it is not just a product of aging, but it can also be caused by injury and trauma in a specific part of the body.

If you experience episodes of body pain owing to stress and overwork, you can get by with simple pain management techniques and a right pain relief cream.

How creams for pain relief work:

The best pain relief creams are made using a combination of pain relief ingredients that are naturally sourced and as free of chemicals as possible. The complex of components used in the cream offers different healing properties, all aimed at quick pain relief.

Some of the leading pain relief creams are composed of wintergreen oil, eucalyptus oil, turpentine oil, and mint. These natural ingredients are highly effective in offering rapid healing action. On application, the cream penetrates deep into the inflamed tissues and muscles. It then numbs the area while getting to work on the source of the pain. You soon begin to feel the pain reducing and then disappearing altogether.

The efficacy of the pain relief cream depends on its ingredients and the intensity and duration of the pain. Chronic pain due to an old injury or blunt trauma to the body may not heal entirely, but the strength of the pain will reduce after applying the cream.

How to use the pain relief creams-

Topical creams for pain relief are easy to use. This is how you use them:

  • Clean the skin where the cream is to be applied with plain water. Do not apply the cream to a cut or broken skin.
  • Apply a hot compress to the area if there is a painful muscle or joint.
  • Apply a cold compress if the muscle is sore or swollen and feels tender to the touch.
  • Now gently apply the pain relief cream, making sure that it penetrates into the skin completely. Do not rub vigorously – sore muscles are quite fragile and may tear with excessive rubbing.
  • Leave the area alone and rest it for a couple of hours. Ideally, you should apply the cream just before going to bed so that it gets a full night to work.

When not to use pain relief creams

Though pain relief creams are safe to use at all times, you might need to step back a bit if –

  • The skin is cut or irritated.
  • The pain is intense and comes in waves.
  • The pain restricts mobility and makes it difficult to move normally.
  • The pain is brought on by an accidental injury or genetic disposition towards that particular kind of pain.
  • It takes a long time for the pain to recede, and it always returns in a few days.
  • Your doctor has prescribed you a course of treatment.

It is best to consult a doctor for intense pain that does not respond to pain relief creams or sprays. The doctor will prescribe medication and therapy to help pain management.

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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