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Framing Memories With Myntra

My room is quite dull; it just has the base white coat because we’ll be moving out soon, so we didn’t see the point in painting it. But these dull walls always make me anxious. To add a little quirk to this blankness, I decided to check out ways to make it better. A few good minutes on Pinterest and I came across the idea below that seemed the easiest way to go.
Source: Pinterest

Yes, photo frames. They don’t just add a classic look to your walls but also help in improving the beauty of the room, improving the overall environment. One look at it, and I was sure this is how I can bring out the colour from these dull white walls.

In the past, I’ve been quite open about my obsession with Myntra, an online shopping destination that has been my go-to place for shopping clothing online since forever. So, I hopped on to Myntra right away only to find a plethora of beautiful photo frames that left me even more confused.

They have an incredible variety of photo frames, from elegant to artistic, to traditional, basically from anything to everything. These are few of the types they have:


I was sold the moment I set my eyes on the collection they offer. The price range is varied and depends on your choice of products, whether you want sets or stand-alone frames for your bedside table. Not only the variety, the sell sets to decorate walls which is exactly what I was looking for! I’ve chosen a few that would suit my room. Take a look at these beauties and help me decide which one should go on my wall:

1. Art Street Set of 6 Hanging Drop Photo Frames – Rs. 1000

2. Elegant Arts & Frames Coffee Brown 7-in-1 Collage Photo Frame – Rs. 1472

3. Art Street Set of 6 Hanging Drop Photo Frames – Rs. 750

4. Elegant Arts & Frames Set of 12 Synthetic Photo Frames – Rs. 2008

I like the hanging frames a tad bit better than the others, they seem a little less cluttered, and of course, remain classy at the same time. Which one do you think would suit my blank white wall?

Funny Story: A few years back, when I was around 12 or perhaps 13 years old, whenever I had to attend birthday parties of my friends, my friends and I always had a huge dilemma. Yes, you guessed it right, the gift! The funny part is that at least one or more person would end up bringing a photo frame. We avoided frames like the plague.

Since then, the gifting culture has dramatically evolved and so have the variety of gifts. With the obsession of being captured increasing incessantly, day-by-day, I think, people are more eager to preserve their memories, and such photo frames would make great gifts on occasions like wedding anniversaries, or housewarming parties, etc.

One tip, if you ever gift a photo frame to someone, it is always better to add a picture to it that reflects the occasion being celebrated. It makes the gift personal and heart-warming.

So, that’ll be all for today. Do help me decide the frames for my wall by leaving a comment below! Also, do tell me, have you ever gifted someone a frame? 😀

Until next time,
Be kind to one another.

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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  • I chose the synthetic photo frames ….I love photo frames filled with memories….or just the perfect pictures for that special place ….
    And yes at Christmas I give photos in frames they make great gifts for people who you don’t get spend a lot of time with …..

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