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4 Incredible Islands To Visit In Malaysia

Situated in Southeast Asia, the country of Malaysia is known for its beautiful beaches and astounding islands; two of which, Penang and Langkawi are the ultimate tourist spots for their beaches, lavish shopping and exotic dining. However, there are plenty more Malaysian Islands that are perfect for your beach vacations with so much incredible natural beauty to offer, you’d lose the sense of time once you’re there. I was asked by one of my readers if I knew any other islands to visit in Malaysia and so, after a thorough search, I have compiled a list of these 4 incredible islands to visit in Malaysia, of course, other than Penang and Langkawi that can offer you incomparable natural beauty. Read on!

Kapas Island –

Kapas Island, located in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, is an unexposed gem that Malaysia hides in its coven of astounding tropical islands. It is only 2 km long and 1 km wide, that is, smaller than its surrounding islands and far less crowded. Kapas island is also known for its beautiful coral reefs which make diving and snorkelling around the area an amazing experience. It has tropical jungles, clear seawater and white sand beaches for you to sunbathe.

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Being a small island, it isn’t developed, that is, there are no 5-star hotels or buildings and towers crowding the sky. The electricity is limited and network connection scarce, so it makes the perfect getaway for travellers who are looking for a refuge from reality and a break from their ever-s0-busy life. The pathways aren’t very developed either, so transportation is on foot, mostly. It is also recommended to carry a good amount of cash on you because there are no ATM’s there. It is an island, the presence of mosquitoes can hardly be ignored.

The best time to visit Kapas islands would be in the summers, that is, April to August. The islands are closed to visitors during monsoons till the end of February due to extreme weather conditions. 


Sipadan Islands –

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Sipadan, the only oceanic island in Malaysia, is the most beautiful scuba diving spot in the world. Located at the Indo-Pacific Basin, it is home to one of the richest marine habitats in the world. The variety of sea creatures found on this island make the scuba diving here the best in the world. Also, it has a huge concentration of sea turtles, who lay their eggs on the beaches of Sipadan between the month of May and August. The best time to visit Sipadan islands would be April to June when the visibility of the sea is 50m. However, scuba diving remains open on this island throughout the year. The weather is a bit unstable during the months of January to March.

Being the best diving spot, Sipadan island offers a lot of offshore and underwater activities to the visitors along with beautiful wildlife to be explored in its little forest and long walks on its sandy beach. 

Sipadan island does not offer accommodation, so it can only be visited. You can say at the nearby village of Semporana that offers affordable accommodation and is also the getaway to the best diving spots on the nearby islands.

Tiga Island –

Incredible Islands To Visit In Malaysia - Tiga Island
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Tiga Island © travelling_louise/Flickr

Tiga Island is one of the groups of small uninhabited islands off the western coast of Sabah, Malaysia. The island is best known as the ‘Survivor Island’ because an American TV series Survivor was filmed on the island. The island has a couple of active mud volcanoes at the highest part of the island. Tiga Island is one of the three islands that make up Tiga Island National Park. 

The sandy sea bottoms and the crystal clear waters surrounding the Tiga island make it an ideal diving and snorkelling spot with its beautiful coral reefs. The flourishing flora and fauna, sandy beaches, exotic marine life provide exciting recreational activities for travellers to enjoy. Apart from diving and snorkelling, hiking in the rainforests of Tiga island is quite popular. The mud volcanoes make quite a therapeutic experience.

Jerejak Island –

Incredible Islands To Visit In Malaysia- Jerejak Island
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Sunset at Jerejak Island © Terence Wong/Shutterstock

Full of controversies, the Jerejak Island used to be a quarantine centre for criminals and prison until 1993. To promote tourism, a beautiful resort and spa have since been built there but it has very few visitors because of its controversial past. However, it has large unexplored natural wonders that lie in wait of explorers and travellers who are out to discover what nature has to offer. It has a rich history and immeasurable scenic beauty to offer to its visitors. 
It now offers many adventurous activities for visitors to enjoy like mountain biking, rock climbing, guided jungle trekking, flying fox, etc. The Jerejak Resort offers all the adventurous activities mentioned above along with several water sports activities like water polo etc.


So these are the 4 unexplored incredible islands to visit in Malaysia if you do not wish to visit the same old populated tourist attractions. A more detailed guide about what to visit in Malaysia would soon be available. 

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