3 Refreshing Drinks for a Colourful Spring

Here in India, summer is already upon us, and the heat is unbearable. To make it worse, I live in the desert state of India, Rajasthan. The heat wave has already started, and it feels like the seasons decided to skip Spring and jumped directly to Summer from Winter. In happier news, the arrival of Holi, … [Read more…]

Sugar Free Desert Challenge: Vegan Coconut Cake with Choco Truffle Icing!

Whenever I’m asked what my favorite dessert is, the answer never changes, it’s CAKE! And as much as I love eating cakes, I enjoy baking them too! That’s why my Instagram has three types of photos, my own pictures, quotes related to or from books and Cakes (that I bake, of course)! We all know … [Read more…]

Website Review: CouponzGuru.com – Your Source To Online Bargain!

For a shopaholic, bargaining is an important tool of gaining the satisfaction of shopping. But ever since online shopping came into existence, the power of bargaining got ripped off the hands of the bargain gurus. As a replacement to the same, discounts and coupons came into existence and have been satisfying the thirst of shopping for … [Read more…]

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Friendship Day!

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”  Source: topwebsearch.net Many people oppose the concept of friendship day for the idea that friendships do not need a day to be celebrated, every day should be a celebration. Yes, I … [Read more…]

Restaurant Review: The Ranbanka Palace – Heritage Hotel

Restaurant Review: The Ranbanka Palace – Heritage Hotel Rating: ⋆⋆⋆⋆ Source: www.rajuindia.com Built in 1927 for Maharajadhiraj Sir Ajit Singh ji, this magnificent palace hotel captures the essence of the royals of the past. The hotel derives its name from the war cry of the founding family, the Rathore clan. A visit to it can be called … [Read more…]

Proudly #BloggingToFeedAChild :)

I saw those who fledas the signal turned red I switched the radio channeland set the sun avoiding panel Just eighty more seconds to goI wondered if the clock was working slow? A tiny hand appeared on my sideMy face changed color to an angry tide I took out a penny and handed overThe kid … [Read more…]

GMCS – The best 15 days ever!! ❤❤

This morning when I woke up at 10:25 something, my head was a little buzzy. You can call it a hangover, not The hangover, but the hangover of an evening of ultimate fun! I checked the time and suddenly I was on my toes.“Kya yaar mummy! Uthaya hi nahi aapne. Pata hai na meri GMCS hoti … [Read more…]