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I’m Happy, Thanks to You!

I’m Happy, Thanks to You!

Dated: 25th December 2013

β€œLet us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” 
― Marcel Proust

Sometimes I feel that life is too short to wait for a specific time to express our true feelings to people. You never know there maybe or may not be a tomorrow. You never know if you’ll meet up with the people you know, and you care for, ever again. Why let them be oblivious of what you feel for them?

We meet two cuddly humans as soon as we are born. These people teach you how to live fully, truly. Those are your parents. There can never be enough words to express our love and our affection for them, but still we should always remember that we are indebted towards them for eternity. They make ends meet to provide the best of everything for us giving us a lot to be grateful for. For all you’ve done, I’m Thankful!

Next come in, our Teachers. They inculcate in us, those teachings that help us do a little more than we do in our daily life, leaving a permanent imprint in our minds. They bring out the best in us and teach us how to deal with weeknesses. I can write a book over my teachers, still tons of words shall remain unsaid. For all you’ve taught me, I’m Thankful.

The next set of people: our real teachers. The ones who know you inside out, who stick with us in thick and thin, who make us laugh when we are dead worried about things, who know what to say to make things right, who make our survival easy. With whom we share our most stupid faults without worrying about what they’d think. The ones who make isolation a distant memory. The ones who bring a big smile to our face just with a single greeting.

Yes, those are our friends. The people we chose out of our own accord. Yes, there may come a time when you may not share a mutual feeling, but a friendship never dies be it distance or conversation, be it separation or silly fights. Be it ego or be it pride. If you once allowed someone to fall into this group, you remember them forever reason may be whatsoever. So big thanks to all of you, who touched my life in one way or the other. 

Then come in our siblings. We share most of our time with them and still find it less. We share a bond which is never vulnerable to the risks of less conversation and fewer fights. Instead, it makes our love grow. The day we do not fight seems a little awkward. They say, ‘the people you fight with the most, you love the most.’ I find it true and it shall stay true. We care for each other even when we fight and that is what makes our love grow stronger.
Thanks to my all the blood relations. And sincerely, I am too far to this concept of real and cousin. If I love you, I love you all the same. I have no prejudices. I hate you all equally too.

Next in line, the special someones. If you haven’t met them yet, you are in for surprises that you’ve never thought of. And if you’ve already met them, you are in for a beautiful journey. There isn’t a bond more beautiful than this. Cherish it.

Now, a thanks to the people I forgot or those who do not belong to any of the categories mentioned above. Who have some way or the other, made me a better person by coming into my life, anytime anywhere.


I know I might have missed some of the people, the people who care but never showed, the people who I willingly or unwillingly ignored. The people whom I detested talking to. The people whom I skipped while inviting on any occasion. The people who nevertheless have stayed in my life and never complained. The people whom I have hurt, intentionally or otherwise. The people who might be in my block list or my black list. The people who have me in their block list.  The people who have shared a hateful relation with me. A big sorry to all of you and a big thanks to you. Somewhere, somehow, you still are in my thoughts, you are still in my heart.

Also, a big thanks to you, dear reader, because I know at first you thought it is such a big note, but you dared to be a little patient and reached this end. I hope it was worth reading. And a request to you, do share this note with the people you find worthy. πŸ™‚


Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.


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