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GMCS – The best 15 days ever!! ❤❤

This morning when I woke up at 10:25 something, my head was a little buzzy. You can call it a hangover, not The hangover, but the hangover of an evening of ultimate fun!

I checked the time and suddenly I was on my toes.
“Kya yaar mummy! Uthaya hi nahi aapne. Pata hai na meri GMCS hoti h!! 10 baje ka time hota h. Kuch dhyaan nahi rakhte ho!” and I was rummaging with my cupboard looking for clothes to wear.
“Tune hi to kaha tha ki teri GMCS khatam ho gai h.” My mother replied blankly.

Alas! That’s when nostalgia overwhelmed me. It was over. I wasn’t supposed to be getting ready. No 7 hours of lectures and activities. No seven hours of meeting all the awesome people whom I had befriended there.
A few of them I already knew. We met at tuitions every day, but we weren’t this close as we became in these 15 days!

When they say, United we stand, divided we fall.. The only thing that comes to my mind is the flash of a camera and every crazy ass would get in front of it upon the ones who were originally taking the picture. The selfie obsessed GMCS batch!

We survived the boring lectures and lived through till the end but when the end came, we fell in love with the boredom!

FACULTIES – No diplomatic remarks. Just that, I loved Arvind Sir’s enactment of Anthony’s speech! Took me back to Julius Ceaser. m/
And and, thanks to the contributions taken by Anil Kothari Sir. We thoroughly enjoyed the Mirchibade and Pan Pizzas! *Yum*

ACTIVITIES – From Plays to Gd’s to the longest paper tail.. From Chinese whisper to 5 why analysis.. From Privatisation of Income-tax Department to Modern art ka chart… From Extempore to remembering everyone’s name.. And from playing Nonsense talk to Antakshri… We enjoyed every moment!

DISCOVERY – We have made history. We have discovered the existence of Aliens. Yes, we have discovered the REAL JADUUU!! The alien was living on earth, in India, among us, by the name of Amey Maheshwari. Even the name itself confuses people. Moreover, if you meet this creature, u can tell from seeing its face that it’s an alien. It draws power from sunlight and does magic like anything. Its favorite song is, ‘BADAN PE SITAARE LAPETE HUE…’

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Crazy, right? So before you decide to see this new crazy alien we found, please take an appointment, just ping us. We’ll make the safety arrangements and call you!

PARTY PLANNING – Hush! Never knew that a single party could eat so much of time! Party hai ya nahi wo chodo, who’s coming, contribution, venue and what not! Super thanks to Anuraag, Krishna and Kapil for the arrangements. Not to forget Rana ji, Pooja, the cash collector!  😛

PRESENTATIONS – There was a tough competition and everyone was with bated breath, praying to win. Ranu, out of all, bribed god the best and hence won the round! 😀 Now the rest of us, are waiting for her to throw the party.

THE PARTY –  A real success!! Thoroughly enjoyed! My wedges turned to three from two, but I enjoyed a lot! Especially the choco-chip ice cream! 😀

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The Dance floor was awesome! Dancers – not so much! 😛
Finally, we played Badan pe sitaare and the alien danced to its tune! The selfie obsession continued here too! 😀

The best moments were when we all sat on the grass and ate and talked! From singing, ‘Gulabi aankhe to discussing the prospective ‘mummy ki daant’ for reaching home late’ everything was blissful!

Taking ‘photoes’ (Jaduu’s language) with everyone and exchanging numbers!

Pooja hates chocolate ice cream and that’s the weirdest thing that I’ve heard so far! 😛

Apart from all of the above, the things that’ll stay with us forever are..

Amey ka badan pe sitaare
Vartika ka mein tenu samjhawa ki
Tushar ka walk with me
Sonal ki aawaaz
Khayal ka hungama
Sabki maa Garima
Krishna ki leadership
Rohan ka presentation
Ranu ka GD
Aditya ki chaal
Amey ke baal
Pooja ka wo purse
Bindu baba Anuraag
Kapil ka bitcoin
Siddhant ka figure
Khushbu ka attitude
Piyush ki notanki
Prateek (Choksi) ki acting
Krishna ka ‘No to No’
Kapil being ‘beechwala’
Chacha ki bhatiji
Masi ka bhanja
Maa ka beta
Tharki Anuraag
Pandey ji Prasun
Jadoo ke aashiq
Vartika ka mexican hot pot

Gol building ki pani puri
Ladko ki coffee treat (unwillingly) 
The sad contributors
Shivangi ka voice modulation
Vratika ki aawaz
Nidhi ka dance
Shubham the director
Prateek (Maheshwari) ki hindi

Not to forget the FOOD PROTESTS. We gave the institute a hard time, but they’ve learned to respect our demands now! Thanks to… well, everyone! 😀

We* exclusively were the music partners of every group. The Jaduu series. All rights reserved. ©

The love that we all reflect and the bond that has formed now shall be the same and more, never less. Hail GMCS! Those 15 days will be missed! A heartfelt thanks to The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India! We are all ready to pay another 5500 for one more lot of these 15 awesome days, gladly! 😀

We – Khayal, Garima, Radhika, Amey, Ranu, Khushbu, Pooja, Krishna, Anuraag, Vartika.

Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.


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Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.

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