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HEMP mask review

Choose Sustainability with Hemp Masks – Product Review

Due to COVID-19, face masks have become a normal phenomenon in our lives. A look outside the window on a normal day would have you see several faces covered with masks. Although using a mask helps in keeping us safer from the Coronavirus, using disposable masks can result in an ecological hazard in the coming years. Used masks are being disposed off, in the ocean and hence adding to the plastic pollution of oceans. A sustainably better choice would be hemp masks.

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species. It is the fibre extracted from the stem of the cannabis plant that is used to make strong fabrics. Being the first plant to be spun into usable fibre 50,000 years ago, hemp is one of the fastest-growing plants for industrial usage.

The medicinal and sustainable properties attached to Hemp has driven the Hemp Foundation in exploring the usage of hemp in our daily life. The Hemp Foundation, a non-profit organisation, promotes the cultivation of Hemp in Uttarakhand where hemp cultivation and hemp-based agro-industries are legal. They encourage the cultivation of hemp by the local women farmers and provide them with a platform to market their products.

Hemp Masks Review

I received hemp masks to review and what you’ll be reading ahead is what I think of them. Let’s take a look at the Hemp masks created by these beautiful artisans-

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  1. The masks came packed in these beautiful envelopes that make sure that the brand can be easily identified.
  2. The fabric is of high quality and doesn’t irritate the skin when it is put on.
  3. There’s a double layer of fabric, and the ear handles are soft.
  4. The look is minimal and classy with Hemp Foundation’s logo at the right corner when worn.
  5. The colours are basic, black and white. You can find the other available options on their website.
  6. These masks are certainly more breathable than cotton. I gave one of these to my father, and after two days of using it, he called to tell me that the mask is super comfortable!

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Why choose Hemp Masks?

Although the safety standards of hemp masks cannot be compared with the surgical N95 masks, the medicinal properties attached to hemp make it a better alternative to other fabric masks. The question that might be bugging you now is why choose hemp masks over cotton and other synthetic fabrics?

hemp mask hemp foundation
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First, these properties of hemp help it stand out in the sea of fabrics-

  • Hemp is anti-microbial and is naturally resistant to UV, mould, mildew and rot.
  • It is three times stronger than cotton. The durability of hemp is stronger than any other fabric!
  • It softens with each washing without degradation of the fibre. Hemp easily absorbs dyes, so you can get it in your favourite colour!
  • It can be blended with other fabrics.

Second, it is a much more sustainable choice. It is time each of us looks for sustainable options to save our planet from coming to an ugly end. Cotton drinks tons of water and water is the one thing that you, me and the world can never do without.

Third, paying heed to the national advisory of #VocalForLocal, let’s pay respect to the efforts of the amazing artisans that laboriously and loving create these beautiful masks.


In the end for the better of the environment, I wouldn’t mind paying a slightly higher price. If a choice that I make, lets our world breathe easy, I’m ready to plunge!  Above, you’ve read in detail how hemp is better than other fabrics. I’d choose hemp masks over Cotton, any day, every day. What about you? Would you choose sustainability? Tell me in the comments below!

Until next time, be kind to one another!

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