Expressing Life

He was my best friend..!

He was my best friend…

We saw each other every day..
I made the first move even though I was scared..
He liked me, I liked him and we became friends..

Sometimes we waved or shook hands..

Sometimes we talked like there was no tomorrow..
He wasn’t much of a talker, he listened to what all I had to say..
He both were in love with chocolates..
We shared the habit of annoying people..
Sometimes he refused to eat and I had to persuade him to eat..
Sometimes we went for walks..
One time he just went away and I was scared to death at the thought of having lost him forever.
But he came back, even after two days.. he found his way back..
He liked running a lot. it exhausted me but I loved it because of him..
He used to my cousins for me..
He was dearer than my siblings to me..
But then he fell ill..
We tried all the possible medication..
His doctor said he needed fresh air..
So he had to go away..
He didn’t eat for a few days..
I had to go to him to make him eat..
My visits got fewer as he got healthier..
But he had started to like it there..
He didn’t come back..
Last time I saw him, I fed him with my hands..
Days passed by..
I used to hear about him from father but I couldn’t make it possible to meet him.. 
I couldn’t meet him.. for one last time..
Father said he had grown older.. he found his mate.. his children are cute..
Father said the time had come..

Three days back.. the news came..

I lost him forever..
No human could have ever taken his place..
He was my only friend with four legs..
He was my dog..
He was my best friend..!
– In loving memory of my dog, ‘Moti‘.

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Radhika Mundra

Radhika Mundra is an aspiring writer, a lifestyle blogger and an intense storyteller.


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