Discovering Real Togetherness!

We’re all so affected by technology that we have forgotten that there existed an era, not too deep in the history, in which no one had mobile phones, laptops, Ipods etc and people were still happy. Today, if you tell someone that life would have been better without a mobile phone, you’d be stared at like … [Read more…]

Travel Story: Escapade in Mumbai!

Here I am, after 6 days of exploring a different city, making memories, both bitter and sweet. To be truthful, I’ve been there before, but this time around, it was all different because I was on my own. Well yeah, not exactly because that place is swarming over with my relatives, but my journey to … [Read more…]

Mother: The Epitome of Compassion!

This post is dedicated to mothers all over the world: She forgot the deadly pain that she had been suffering from for the last nine months and smiled at you when you arrived in this world. That was the only time she smiled when you cried. At that moment, she made a promise to you … [Read more…]

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. – Denis Waitley What are the little things that give you happiness? This poem is a list of those little things that give me happiness! 🙂 Happiness is not bound to come … [Read more…]

He was my best friend..!

He was my best friend… We saw each other every day.. I made the first move even though I was scared.. He liked me, I liked him and we became friends.. Sometimes we waved or shook hands.. Sometimes we talked like there was no tomorrow.. He wasn’t much of a talker, he listened to what … [Read more…]

A melodious purchase! #Shopquikr :D

My #Shopquikr experience! 😊 As I popped in the first Pani puri, my phone started ringing. I told my sister it must be mom calling to tell us to be home on time. She inadvertently brought the phone out of the car and told me that it’s some unknown number. At first, I thought it must … [Read more…]

GMCS – The best 15 days ever!! ❤❤

This morning when I woke up at 10:25 something, my head was a little buzzy. You can call it a hangover, not The hangover, but the hangover of an evening of ultimate fun! I checked the time and suddenly I was on my toes.“Kya yaar mummy! Uthaya hi nahi aapne. Pata hai na meri GMCS hoti … [Read more…]

On the boulevard of nowhere!

I stand in the middle.. Middle of nowhere.. Looking in the past.. Not just a glare.. Time flies fast.. Leaving me to fiddle.. With pieces of present.. And the facets of future.. Things to lament.. Nightmares and torture.. Memories to be cherished.. Starting to dwindle.. So I decide to be gone.. Dying to kindle.. Known … [Read more…]

I’m Happy, Thanks to You!

Dated: 25th December 2013 Source: “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”  ― Marcel Proust Sometimes I feel that life is too short to wait for a specific time to express our true feelings to people. You never know there maybe … [Read more…]