Poetry: The Desperate Era!

The Desperate Era!

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Laws are being broken,
laws are being made
Humanity being forsaken 
Leaving the people jaded
There’s no stopping the crimes
Exist did ever, any safer times?
Money rules, man is the slave
Cowardice rises, where are the brave?
Skyscrapers stand tall
Mocking Mother Nature’s fall
Will there be any future,
For the kids to rupture?
Captured in the four walls
Listening to drunken brawls
Frightened spirits call
‘Is this hell, after all?’ 
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  1. People always talk of the future a 100 years from now. I worry that we may not leave anything for the kids of the next generation itself, forget a century from now. Global warming, floods and quakes, extinction of animals, wars & pillage… no end to any of these!

  2. Rodger Berry

    A significant illustration with a profound question ending those lines. Now we all have the choice to continue with regression or veer onto the path of progression.

  3. Anonymous

    Liked the tempo, and the expression more. Although an irregular rhyme scheme there, the poem very well serves its purpose.

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