Short Story: The Ancient Song: Part IV

The Ancient Song Read Part IRead Part II Read Part III Part IV: Of course! La Manera park, on the outskirts of the city. It’s 6 p.m. already. I think I should head there, she thought, the park was located at an hour’s distance. Finally having a lead, Tia was feeling a little hopeful, given … [Read more…]

Short Story: The Ancient Song: Part III

The Ancient Song Read Part IRead Part II Part III: Who is that?Hey! Hey! I scream.That person doesn’t answer.I start running, but I don’t seem to get any closer.The white sand makes it hard to run.I just want to know who that is!Hey, you! Please stop…I scream on the top of my lungs.He doesn’t even turn.A … [Read more…]

Short Story: The Ancient Song: Part II

The Ancient Song Read Part I Part II: With her mind racing fast, Tia called Adam, Michael’s brother to see what’s got into him to be drinking at 6:00 a.m in the morning. Time was of the essence and she had a bigger fish to fry. She paced around the room, finding the chirping birds … [Read more…]

Short Story: The Ancient Song: Part I

The Ancient Song Part I: Tia never thought life could be so peaceful that she’d get time to acknowledge the presence of those natural wonders that sang outside her window before the morning sun, chirping in the sweetest voices. After fighting the battle that had almost cost her her life, she was quite astonished how … [Read more…]

Mother: The Epitome of Compassion!

This post is dedicated to mothers all over the world: She forgot the deadly pain that she had been suffering from for the last nine months and smiled at you when you arrived in this world. That was the only time she smiled when you cried. At that moment, she made a promise to you … [Read more…]


“I need to go for grocery shopping.” “No, you don’t. Hand me on the list.” “It’s just around the corner! I’ll be back even before you know!” “Did you not hear me correctly? I said no. No arguments.” “Why don’t you let me step out? It’s been 10 months and I haven’t even seen the … [Read more…]

#BringBackTheTouch with Parachute Advanced Body lotion!

Russell was a passionate archaeologist. Exploring the history was the goal of his life which demanded travel. Dana was not ready to travel because she wanted to give her children a stable and steady life. Clashes in opinions, consequent fights tainted their love and relationship more than the long distance. Russell never called her. He … [Read more…]

“Private India” – Its the season for murders in Mumbai!

Book Review – Private India            “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” ~ Santosh Wagh, Chapter – 9 A book delivered to your doorstep, free of cost, is an opportunity worth grabbing for a bibliophile. What would be better than a hot cup of coffee and a murder mystery … [Read more…]